Q.The DVD/Blu-ray won't play.

A.Please check the region code.

About the region code and video format

Region code

Region codes are set for DVD, BRD, UMD and players for the purpose of protecting market share. The region code for the Japan region is "2" for DVD and UMD, and "A" for BRD. It cannot be played on DVD players with different region codes. We cannot accept returns due to discrepancies in region code and video format.

The details are as follows.

Region 1 The United States, Canada *Can not be played on Japanese (Region 2) DVD players.
Region 2 Japan, Europe, Middle East, South Africa, Egypt
Region 3 East Asia, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong
Region 4 Australia, Central America, Caribbean, South America
Region 5 Former Soviet Union countries, North Korea, Mongolia, South Asia, African countries
Region 6 China
UMD video  
Region 0 Unrestricted
Region 1 The United States, Canada, the United States territory, Latin America
Region 2 EU, Japan, Near East, South Africa, Egypt, Greenland, France
Region 3 Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore
Region 4 Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Islands
Region 5 Russia, Eastern Europe, Pakistan, India, Africa, North Korea, Mongolia
Region 6 Mainland China
Region A North and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea Peninsula, Taiwan, and their overseas territories
Region B Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Oceania, and their overseas territories
Region C Central / South Asia, People's Republic of China, Russia, Mongolia


There are region-free versions which can be played in all territories. Some region-free imported DVDs may not be playable on DVD players manufactured in Japan depending on the product (including PlayStation2, PLAYSTATION3, built-in DVD drives).

We cannot accept returned items which cannot be played due to discrepancies in region code or video format.


About the video format

Even if the region code is the same, DVDs may not play if the video format is different. For example, the region code is "2" for both Europe and Japan, but because the video format is PAL and not NTSC, it will not play. The video format for video and DVD are divided as follows according to the region.

NTSC Japan, the United States, Canada
PAL UK, Germany, Australia, Singapore, China, Spain, other
SECAM France, Russia, Eastern European countries, others

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