Surugaya Term of Service for Mail Order

Article 1 (Term of Service for Mail Order)

This Mail Order Agreement (the "Terms of Service") shall apply to any use by Users of Suruga Mail Order (hereinafter "this Site") operated by Aetou Corporation (hereinafter, "our company").
Those who use this site have acknowledged the Mail Order terms and precautions advised on this site.

Article 2 (Handling of personal information of the user)

Personal information of the user shall be specified below. This is subject to the "Privacy Policy" which shall be separately specified.

1. Supervision of personal information
The Company shall ensure appropriate measure are in place to secure personal information of users who uses the Website.
We will strive to protect personal information which the Company stores.
In addition, the Company shall offer training to its employees so that personal information shall be handled and protected appropriately.
2. Purpose of acquisition and use of personal information
When the Company obtains personal information, it shall do so in a reasonable manner.
The purpose of using personal information of users shall be specified below.

(1) To provide services such as sale, return, exchange, reserve, payment process for a product.
(Including records such as sales and correspondence history).

(2) To respond to an inquiry or deal with a request by the Customer.
(Including records such as inquiry history).

(3) To sell, arrange, advertise, conduct services of the Company.
(Sending direct mail, mail magazine, inquiries).

(4) To contact the winner or send any gift for the present campaign.

(5) To notify change in purpose for using personal information.

*Note that the Company may process personal information so as to not be identified and use such data.
(Example: geographical statistics for sales result).

3. Providing personal information to third parties

The Company shall take appropriate measures for protecting your personal information and shall not disclose it to any third parties, unless it falls within the following categories.

(1) When the Company receives acceptance to provide information to third parties.

(2) When it is permitted by an Act on the Protection of Personal Information or any other laws.

(3) When the Company is asked to cooperate with an investigating authority due to potential crime occurring.

(4) When it is necessary to ask the services of third parties to meet the purpose of using personal information or when it is necessary to provide personal information.

*The specific cases are as follows:

1. To provide for delivery service or vendors who ship products on behalf of the Company to deliver products.

Our company uses EMS or SAL (with registered mail) provided by Japan Post Co., Ltd. for shipping.
Cargo information (sender, recipient, and package information, among other things) may be sent electronically to designated entities (customs, delivery companies, and so on) in the destination country or transit country through Japan Post Co., Ltd.

2. To provide to vendors (who conduct payment on receipt services, credit card payment services) for the purpose of payment processes.

3. Business tie-up and mergers, office splits, change of company name, business divestiture, acquisitions, business inheritance etc.

(5) When the Company deems that it is appropriate to disclose personal information for complying with laws, terms of service or any other terms, or if it is to protect the rights, assets, and safety of customers and the Company.
This incorporates exchanging information with other companies or organizations for the purpose of preventing fraud or credit exposure.

4. Providing personal information of users to the Company

Providing personal information to the Company by users shall be made on an voluntarily basis.
When using the Service of the Website, users may not use a part of the Company's service if users have not provided their personal information.

5. Destroying of personal information

(1) When disposing of users personal information at our company, we take measures such as crushing, complete cancellation etc. that can not be reused.

(2) When the Company requests external vendors to destroy personal information, the Company shall confirm, in advance, that such vendors meet sufficient security criteria for personal information storage and take necessary and appropriate steps through contracts etc.

6. Disclosure of personal information, correction of its content and request for deletion

(1) Users may request, within a reasonable range, to disclose, correct their information and delete any of their personal information which the Company stores. Any request shall be accepted by writing unless the circumstances are exceptional.
Once the Company receives a request, the Company shall communicate and address the request, subject to identification and document verification.

(2) When users make a request for the purpose of processing, please provide the following information:
1) Name
2) Address
3) Phone number

(3) Regarding these matters, the personal information protection center will be our reception desk

317-1 Marikoshinden, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
A-too Co. Ltd.
Attention: Personal Information Contact
TEL: +81-54-333-9131
FAX: +81-54-251-3220
E-mail for inquiries in relation to personal information:
Article 3 (Specified Commercial Transactions Law)
Unless specified in this Article regarding items specified in the law, it shall be separately explained by the article below.

(1) Name of person responsible for sale or person responsible.
A-too Co. Ltd.

(2) Address
317-1 Marikoshinden, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka

(3) Phone Number
TEL: +81-54-333-9131

(4) Person responsible for operating mail order
Hideto Oishi

(5) Contact Information/Inquiry to the Company
317-1 Marikoshinden, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka
A-too Co. Ltd.
To the Representative of CS Surugaya person in charge
Inquiry E-mail:

Article 4 (Payment for goods and any other payment)
1. The payment of goods is also shown as the retail price for applicable products on the product selling page.
2. Users shall bear shipment fees of products and selling charges.
3. Procedure for customs clearance, customs, import tax.
In some cases for purchased goods, users will need to bear customs clearance, import tax and customs charges in the receiving country. In such situations, please make payment following the local country customs rules where the user resides.
Article 5 (Purchasing of Products)

1. User shall check the laws, rules, and import regulations of their own country, and shall purchase the products at their own risks.
The Company shall not indemnify User for the refund of payment or the resending of products following the forfeiture or return of products due to the import regulations of each country.

2. Users shall comply with the Terms and procedures/conditions indicated on the service information page and any other pages when users purchase a product from the Site. Users shall follow necessary procedures for items for the delivery of products, payment of products and offer to purchase any other products indicated on each page.

3. Users shall make payment of products etc. in accordance with articles specified in Article 7.

4. Users shall not object to limitation that they may not purchase particular products due to their location or age etc. to comply with law, any regulations and judgments of the Company.

Article 6 (Acceptance of Order)

1. For any order from the shopping cart, each transactional number shall be set for respective transactions.Any order with a different transaction number shall be regarded as different transaction. The Company may ship and invoice each transaction separately.
When users seek simultaneous shipment of the package, users shall place an order in the same shopping cart.

2. The Company shall receive order e-mails at 08:00 (JST) and begin the shipment procedure. Any order or inquiry after 08:00 (JST) shall be handled on the following day.

Article 7 (Timing and method of product payment)

1. Payment by credit card.
When payment has been made by credit card, the credit company shall conduct credit examination and the Company will ship after such an examination has been completed.
Payment by credit card shall follow conditions separately which have been contracted between the user and the credit card company. Users and the credit card company shall resolve any disputes between themselves when any disputes rises. The Company shall not be responsible for any disputes.

2. PayPal
After receiving permission for settlement from your PayPal account, we ship the goods once the order procedures are finalized and checked.

3. Alipay
After receiving permission for settlement from your Alipay account, we ship the goods once the order procedures are finalized and checked.

Article 8 (Delivery timing of products)

1. The delivery timing of the products shall be at the arrival of such products.

2. Any product returned to the Company by the user due to reasons such as a new address are not valid. The Company shall keep the product for three months and the product will be regarded as abandoned. No refunds will be issued.

Article 9 (Packing and Delivery of Products)

1. Products shall be shipped with packaging in a paper box or with cardboard, in an appropriate size. Packaging is not transparent.

2. The shipment of products will be undertaken by DHL, EMS or SAL(registered mail).

Article 10 (Shipment)
1. The Company will ship after one-three days following order confirmation.
In some cases, products may be out of stock. In such cases, the Company shall ship only products in stock.The Company may cancel orders when products are out of stock.
Article 11 (Exchange or Return of Products)

1. In principle, the Company shall not accept exchange or return of products etc. due to reasons such as placing an order by mistake or dislike of the product, or whether or not it meets the product selling standard of the Company.

2. Any return shipment may be declined, if it is made without contacting us. The Company shall not bear any charge of the return goods etc.

3. The Company shall decline to accept returned goods if such goods show the level of product situation (Rank B, no boxes, etc.) regardless of purchase price.

4. In the event that any accessory is delivered with a second-hand product, which is excluded from warranty under the Sales Standards of Second-hand Products of the Company, such accessory, which is excluded from warranty, is provided as a complimentary gift. It is therefore not a part of the purchased product and is not covered under warranty.
Please note that, in the event that any accessory excluded from warranty is enclosed with any second-hand product which is returned to the Company for replacement, the Company may dispose of such accessory.

Article 12 (Defective Products)
1. The Company shall accept replacement or return of goods in the cases specified below, such as the period being limited to one week from delivery of Products.
(1) For purchase of second-hand products, users may not able to claim defects or difficulty to read due to pages missing etc.
(2) In the case there are goods missing or a defect after purchasing new products.
(3) Product defects which are out of the scope of users approval. Such approval is made following contact from the Company.
(4) Delivery mistake

2. If any items in the preceding article applies, the user shall inform the Company within 1 week from receipt of the product to inform the Company that the product is defective and request an exchange/return goods.
In such instances, the Company shall follow the procedure relating to returning goods.

3. Even in the case where the Company accepts the returning of any product, it may not be able to deliver the replacement due to system failures or stock-out. In such case, the Company shall refund the payment to User, to which User shall not make any objection.
In such cases, the Company shall provide a refund and the user shall not make any claim.

Article 13 (The condition of the product)
Users shall abide by the Company's standard for product sale.
Article 14 (Order)

1. Users shall follow procedures specified on the Site in relation to order processes and the order shall be completed once the user clicks "Order with this content". However, completion of order does not mean the Company supplies the applicable product.

2. In principle, the term of validity (the term of reserve) is 1-week maximum.

3. Users understand the character of products that are second-hand and accept in advance, that the order may be cancelled due to it being out of stock or out of print.

4. In case a product ordered is a new product, it shall follow the same procedures if it is unreleased, out of stock, out of print, etc.

Article 15 (Cancellation of order)

1. In principle, the Company may not accept cancellation.

2. The Company shall take utmost care in the pricing of posted products, however, due to human error, there might be cases when the real sale price and purchase price may be different. In such cases, the Company may cancel an order on its own based on Civil Code Article 95 (Cancellation of contract due to a mistake).

Article 16 (Decline to accept a product)

Please refrain from declining to accept products, once shipment of such products has been made. In such cases, the user shall bear full costs for any shipment related fees.
In the case the user declines to accept products, the Company may decline to accept future orders from the user.

Article 17 (Prohibited items)

The user shall not conduct the following actions.
In addition, the users shall be responsible for damage compensation when the users have violated this article and caused damage to the Company.

(1) Acts of violating or has the possibility of violating law, the Terms, Terms of Mail Order of the Site.

(2) Acts which causes or may cause nuisance, demerit or cause damage to third parties or the Company.

(3) Acts that violate any rights, benefits, and honor of the Company or any other third parties.

(4) Acts that will block the Service.

(5) Acts of inputting false information.

(6) Acts of sending or writing harmful computer programs, e-mails, etc.

(7) Acts of unauthorized access or any of its potential action.

(8) Others, acts that the Company deems inappropriate

Article 18 (Limitation of use)
The Company shall stop using the Service or limit its usage at its own discretion, in case, the user falls within the following items without prior notification:

1. In the case, the user has violated Article 17 (Prohibited items).

2. In the case, the user did not pay fees for the Service or delayed its payment.

Article 19 (Disclaimer)

1. The user shall bear any risks such as paying the machine fee necessary to use the Service of the Site.

2. The Company shall not be responsible for safety, completeness, accuracy, applicability and usability of the Service.

The same applies to the points below:

(1) Discontinuation, delay, interruption, loss of data due to the system due such as failure of communication lines, computers etc., damage caused by unauthorized access of data and any other damage caused to the user by the Company's service.

(2) Damage caused by e-mail/content which incorporates harmful objects such as computer virus sent from the Company's webpage, server, and domain.

(3) Damage caused by violating the law, the Terms, Terms of mail order for the Site and any warning.

(4) Damage to the user caused by a third party through the Service.

(5) Damages arising from the loss profits and special circumstances concerning the use of this site or the failure to use the site

Article 20 (Amendment/abolishment of Service provided on the Site)
The Company may amend/abolish, as a whole or in part, the Service on its own.
Article 21 (Amendment of the Terms)

1. The Company may amend, revise the Terms at its discretion, without the approval of each user.
In the case Terms are amended, users shall abide by the new terms.

2. The new Terms shall be in effect when they are listed on the Website, unless the Company specifies otherwise.

Article 22 (Governing law)
The Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of Japan.
Article 23 (Dispute resolution, Court of jurisdiction)

1. In case of any disputes or an issue through which the Terms may not resolve the use of the Terms, the user and the Company shall negotiate in good faith and resolve such disputes or an issue.

2. These Terms of Use and the use of the Company’s services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the Japanese law.

3. The Shizuoka District Court of Japan shall have the exclusive jurisdiction as the court of first instance with respect to any dispute relating to these Terms of Use and the use of the Company’s services.