Surugaya MyPage Terms of Use

MyPage services may be used when customers register an account and password at Surugaya mail order (the "Website") in accordance with each provision of the Terms of Use specified below.
The customer agrees to the Terms of Use below when customers send registration information on the Website.

Article 1 (MyPage Terms of Use)

The MyPage Terms of Use (the "Terms") shall be applied to all customers who hold an account and use MyPage services which A-too Inc (the "Company") operates as Sugugaya mail order (the "Website").

Article 2 (Definition)

Unless otherwise defined, the words defined in these Terms shall be defined below.

1. The Website refers to Sugugaya.COM ( which the Company operates on the internet.

2. The Service refers to information on the Website and each product, service related to sales, information related to A-too Group and any service to be provided to customers who hold a registered account.

3. The user refers to an individual who registered an account, in accordance with certain procedures and who has agreed to the Terms.

4. Account Information refers to information related to information disclosed to the Company and customers' transaction data.

Article 3 (Application of the Terms)

1. The Terms shall be applied to users and users shall abide by all the Terms and any procedures specified on the Website.

2. The Company may amend, revise the Terms on its discretion without seeking approval from the user. In the case, the Terms are amended, the user shall follow the new Terms.

3. The new Terms shall be in effect when it is listed on the Website unless the Company specifies otherwise.

Article 4 (Account Registration)

1. When customers have a request to register an account, customers shall register an account in accordance with the method specified by the Company on the MyPage account registration page on the Website.

2. The account registration procedure shall be followed by the individual. During account registration, a customer may only submit accurate information and not provide any false information, including any third party information.

3. Account registration will be completed when the Company receives account registration information specified in the previous article and when the Company sends an e-mail for registration completion to the applicant. The customer may use services of the Website following provisions specified by the Company. The Company may not approve account registration by an applicant when the applicant receives deletion notice of their account due to violation of the Terms, or false information has been provided during registration, or when the Company deems it is not appropriate to register.

4. The user who registers an account shall change account information in line with procedures provided by the Company when there is a change in account information. The Company shall not be responsible for any inconvenience caused by not changing/updating information.

5. The user who obtained the account will guarantee that there is no false information in the contents of the account information registered in our company.

6. When a person who holds an account, requests in writing, to specify the account (e-mail address), the Company shall update this following its procedures and be subject to identification.
The Company charges a fee for disclosing personal information.
Please note the password during password set up at the time of account registration and if the user has forgotten the password, the Company shall send an URL for resetting a new password, so please reset accordingly.
In the case, a customer has forgotten account details or password, transactional data will not be available a new account registration.

Article 5 (Handling of User Personal Information)

The Company shall use and store user personal information, in accordance with the privacy policy, which will be specified separately.

Article 6 (Account registration information management (account, password, etc.))

1. Users who have opened an account shall promptly inform once there are changes in information.

2. Users shall supervise and store their account details (e-mail address) and password set by users, at their own risk.

3. Users may not permit third parties (including other members) to use their account details or password and may not sell, lend and amend or transfer details.

4. Users shall be fully responsible for the use and supervision of their own account and password and any behavior or result caused is the users' responsibility.

5. Once users have noticed that their account details or password has been stolen, lost or used by a third party (including other members), users shall inform the Company promptly and follow any instruction.

6. Users shall undertake the following procedures specified on the Website when users require to change the password or delete their account registration details.

Article 7 (Deletion of Account)

When users request account deletion it shall be conducted through MyPage on the Website. Account deletion shall be completed after the completion of the deletion procedure. The services and rights provided before such a deletion shall be null and void. When users who have deleted their account re-register, may not succeed in retrieving past transactional data or rights.

Article 8 (Prohibited Items)

Users may not conduct the following items when using the Website. Users shall be responsible for damage compensation when users have violated this article and caused damage to the Company.

1. Any action violating or the possibility to violate the law, the Terms, Terms of mail order for the Website and any precaution.

2. Any action using or has the possibility of using a third party account, e-mail address and password without permission from the third party.

3. Any action applying false information for registration while using the service.

4. Any action which may interfere with the service.

5. Any action which causes or may cause nuisance, demerit or cause damage to third parties or the Company.

6. Any action which may fall under public policy violation, fraud, hindrance, false, harmful actions the Company deems inappropriate.

Article 9 (Cancellation of Account)

The Company may cancel a user account if any of the below applies without prior approval of the user.

When an account is canceled, any services or rights provided before such a cancellation shall be null and void. Once cancellation of account is made, the Company shall not accept any further account registrations.

1. When any of the items specified in Article 8 (Prohibited Items) of the Terms occurs.

2. When there is sufficient evidence to show that it is inappropriate to conduct account registration.

3. Violating the Terms.

4. When it is necessary to secure the security of account information.

5. When operation of the Company or the Service is blocked regardless of how it is blocked.

6. When it is found that account deletion was as a result of violation of the Terms etc. in the past.

Article 10 (Disclaimer)

1. Users may use the Service at their own risk.

2. The Company shall not be responsible for safety, the completeness and creativeness of, and the applicability and usability of the Service. The same applies to the points below.

(1) Discontinuance, delay, interruption, loss of data due to system failure by communication lines, computer damage caused by unauthorized access of data and any other damage caused to the user by the Company's service.

(2) Damage caused by e-mail/content which incorporates harmful objects such as a computer virus sent from the Company's webpage, server, domain.

(3) Damage caused by violating the law, the Terms, Terms of mail order and precaution indicated on the Website.

(4) Damage to the user caused by a third party through the Service.

Article 11 (Amendment or abolishment of the Service)

The Company may amend/abolish, as a whole or a part of the Service by its own.

Article 12 (Governing law)

The Terms shall be construed and governed by the laws of Japan.

Article 13 (Dispute resolution, Court of jurisdiction)

1. In the case of any dispute or issue of which the Terms may not resolve the use of service, the user and the Company shall negotiate, in good faith, and resolve such dispute or issue.

2. In the case, it is necessary for a lawsuit, both parties agree that all lawsuits shall be exclusively brought to the Shizuoka District Court of Japan.