Surugaya Privacy Policy

(Basic Policy)
A-too Inc. (hereinafter the "Company") recognizes the importance and social nature of protecting personal information and is committed to ensure that necessary measures are in place to protect personal information.
Our company will comply with the laws and other norms concerning personal information of directors and employees, and will undertake a proper protection management of personal information.

1. Definition of personal information

When using the Company's website, we ask customers to provide their personal information for the purposes specified below. As for providing personal information, it is assumed that we will report you how we will treat them and ask you if we can use the information.

2. Collecting personal information

When using the Company's website, we ask customers to provide their personal information for the purposes specified below. As for providing personal information, it is assumed that we will report you how we will treat them and ask you if we can use the information.

Use or attending a service, events, etc. which the Company sponsors.

Answer the questionnaire provided by the Company.

Creating statistical data for service usage at stores or websites.

Information or services provided by the Company.

3. Providing personal information to third parties

The Company will ensure that appropriate measures for protecting customer's personal information are in place and will not disclose information to any third parties unless it falls within one of the categories below.

When there is customer consent.

When we have a legal obligation to disclose your personal information in accordance with laws.

When the Company requests vendors, which the Company contracts under non-disclosure agreements for personal information, to store customer's personal information within a certain range, for the purpose of usage disclosed to customers.

As an example of subcontractors of Surugaya, there will be vendor who will conduct delivery of products or a vendor who will carry out payment.

We have requested external vendors for any payment for products by credit card and we store any necessary personal information (transactional number, name, phone number, e-mail address, amount, credit card number, expiry date) to conduct the payment process of products with such vendors. This is for the purpose of conducting necessary payment processes and the vendors are prohibited to use personal information for any other purpose. For the purpose of necessary procedures for product payment, and a request from the payment vendor, we may need to disclose/provide personal information (including name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, address to be sent and specific details of purchased products) to consignment companies.

When the Company deems that it is appropriate to disclose personal information in order to comply with laws, terms of service or any other terms, or if it is to protect the rights, assets, and safety of customers and the Company.

This includes exchanging of information to other companies or organizations for the purpose of preventing fraud or credit exposure.

4. Voluntary disclosure of personal information

It is the discretion of customers whether they wish to provide their personal information, however, customers may not use a part of the Company's service if they refuse to provide personal information.

5. Storage of personal information

The Company shall appoint a person in charge to deal with personal information and abide by laws and internal rules relating to customers personal information and take utmost case in its handling.

To prevent any loss, manipulation, leakage, misappropriation, and destruction caused by the unauthorized access to the customers' personal information by a third party, our company will undertake appropriate security measures as well as proper management of the personal information.

6. Disclosure of personal information

When the Company is requested to disclose, amend, delete, or discontinue to use personal information, the Company shall conduct a reasonable investigation promptly and once it is confirmed that a request is made by a customer, the Company shall undertake necessary steps based on any finding.

(1) Unless there are special circumstances, requests and contacts are accepted in writing in principle.
After the acceptance, our company's staff will contact you again.
We will reply to you in writing after completing the confirmation of the information you submitted and verifying your identity.

(2) When accepting, please tell us the following information.
1) Name
2) Address
3) Phone number

(3) Regarding matters related to personal information, the following is the contact window for our company's personal information protection.
<About personal information, our company's contact information>
317-1 Mariko Shinden, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
A-too Co., Ltd.
To the person in charge of personal information protection
TEL: +81 --54 --333 --9131
FAX: +81 --54 --251 --3220
Email for inquiries regarding personal information:

*Please note that the Company shall charge a fee for disclosing personal information.

7. Access log

Access log includes domain, IP address, type of browser, number of access by person accessed. In the nature of its log, there is no information which can specify the individual. By principle, access log is intended to be used as statistical data, not to be associated with your personal information.

8. Security of personal information

Customers' personal information shall be stored using a password for protecting privacy and security. When it is necessary, the Company will use SSL as the communication and cryptographic technique for protecting data transfers. When personal information is sent, communication shall be encrypted by SSL.

It is important to protect customers' information and computers from unauthorized access. Please confirm whether you are logged out when you use a computer which is shared.

10. Revision

The Company shall abide by Japanese laws and any other regulations relating to personal information protection and endeavor to review and revise this privacy policy continuously. When the Company deems necessary, this privacy policy shall be revised as a whole or in a part. Any revised article will be applicable when it is posted on our website.

[Person responsible for personal information]
9-10 Hinodecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
A-too Inc. Director of General Affairs Naomi Suzuki
TEL: +81 - 54 - 251 - 3010