Berry Vicki 「 Neo Blythe 」

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: ドール ベリーヴィッキー 「ネオブライス」
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Item number: 990000163
Released date: 27 Aug 2010
Maker: Tomy

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

■ Product explanation ■ Do you know? Vicky is actually called Victoria. That's why she's always called Victoria at home. Everyone loves Victoria, a refined and well-bred lady.
And she's so cute called Berry Vicki.
This is a two piece dress with a top and skirt that has a lady-like look.
Both top and skirt are made of dark green fabric with a calm look.
This puff sleeve blouse is made from off-white fabric on the chest and has a detailed design.
The black satin ribbon is sewn to the center of the small stand-up collar, and the black bead buttons are very cute.
There are 3 pin tucks on the left and right, and the edge of the changeover is decorated gorgeously with lace.
The hem of the blouse is garnished with frills made of the same fabric.
A simple A-line skirt.
There is a contrasting fabric on the waist part and the gathering makes for a fluffy silhouette.
With delicate lace on the hem, the design matches perfectly with a blouse.
The small straw hat stands out well on Vicky's beautiful long hair.
This stylish hat decorated with motif lace can be tied to your hair with the gold comb on the back ♪
It is matched with black tights and strap shoes of the same color as your clothes.
The light brown long hair with a loose perm below the knees separates the bangs from the sides.
Eye shadow is blue gray, lip and cheek are pink.
The dark cheek is placed round in the center of the cheeks, and it has a cute expression with an elegant look.
The small mole under the right eye is Vicky's charm point!
The eye color is a special light green color that is used on the right.
Face type is face rest and face color is natural skin.
[Set Contents]
Doll Body, Blouse (Dark Green), Skirt (Dark Green), Tights (Black), Pierced Earrings (Gold / Round), Strap Shoes (Dark Green), Straw Hat, Shorts (White), Stand
[Product Details]
Size : Total Height approx. 27.5 cm
Face Type : Fairest
Skin Type : Natural Skin
Make : Eye Shadow / Blue-Gray, Lip / Pink, Cheek / Pink
Orange Color : Blue (Front), Aica (Front), Green (Left Facing), Light Green (Right Facing / Special Color)
Hair Color : Light Brown
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