Japanese Blu-ray Disc Film Touken Ranbu

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 邦画Blu-ray Disc 映画 刀剣乱舞 -継承- [豪華版]
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Item number: 434002564
Released date: 19 Jun 2019
Maker: Toho
Media: Blu-ray
Appearance: 八嶋智人

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

3 Piece Set (Main Edition * 1 + Special Bonus * 2)
■ Special Bonus
・ Trigonal Back Box
・ Booklet (28P)
・ 10 Slides
[Recording Time]
409 Minutes
[Screen Size]
[1] Cinesco [2] [3] Wide
[Audio Information]
[1] (DTS-HD/5.1) ・ (DTS-HD) [2] [3] (DTS)
[Subtitle Information]
[1] Barrier-free (Japanese)
[Group Name]
Touken Ranbu
[Enclosed Bonus Contents]
Sleeve Case (First Time Only) / Special Digital Pack (First Time Only) / Booklet / 10 Piece Set of Bromide / [2] [3] Bonus Disc
* If 「 First Time 」 is not indicated in the title, the first time bonus of [Enclosed Bonus Contents] is not covered by the warranty. Please be aware before purchasing.
[Contents of contents]
[1] Advance notice edition (special notice, advance notice, TV spot) / [2] 「 NO MORE film thieves 」 x 「 film Touken Ranbu 」 collaboration video total 3 stories / Public advance special number 「 film Touken Ranbu 」 thorough dissection special / 「 film 」 / support screening special video / 「 film Touken Ranbu 」 opening commemoration Twitter countdown video / event video collection (completion screening, first day stage greeting) / making video / [3] Sword male cast 9 person looks back! Digest visual commentary : 1. Hiroki Suzuki x regular 楓馬 x Tomoki Hirose, 2. Ryo Kitamura x Hiroaki Iwanaga x Shiina Taizo, 3. Yoshihiko Aramaki x Masanari Wada x Shimba Tsuchiya
[List of Performers]
Director : 耶雲 哉治 Script : Yasuko Kobayashi Music : Koji Endo Appearance : Hiroki Suzuki / Yoshihiko Aramaki / Ryo Kitamura / Masanari Wada / / Teihon 楓馬 / Taizo Shiina / into / into / into
[List of Contents]
[1] Main Part [2] [3] Special Disks
[Number of Copies]
3 Copies
[Video Comments]
Popular game 『 Touken Ranbu - ONLINE- 』 First live action film. 1 Touken Ranbu Hiroaki Iwanaga Tomoki Hirose Norito Yashima Koji Yamamoto With the Honnoji Incident as the setting, the battle between the time marching army sent from the future to escape Nobunaga ODA with the aim of changing history and the sword men who came from the same future to stop it is depicted.
[Year of Manufacture]
[Country of Manufacture]