Collection Card (Male) / CD "3 rd EP : Salute (ROYAL VER.)" Enclosed Special Bonus Individual Photo Card AB6IX / Lee Dae-hwi (DaeHwi) / Costume Black / Yellow / Both Hands Down / Back Beige / CD "3 rd EP : Salute (ROYAL VER.)" Included Special Individual Photo Card

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: コレクションカード(男性)/CD「3rd EP : Salute(ROYAL VER.)」封入特典個人フォトカード AB6IX/イ・デフィ(DaeHwi)/衣装黒・黄・両手下げ・裏面ベージュ/CD「3rd EP : Salute(ROYAL VER.)」封入特典個人フォトカード
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Item number: GG686048
Released date: 02 Nov 2020