Book (Practical) Music With Appendix) hide Perfect Treasures -Premium International Version - [Super Deluxe Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 単行本(実用) 音楽 付録付)hide Perfect Treasures -Premium International Version-【超豪華本】
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Item number: BO2665070
Released date: 13 Dec 2021
Maker: CSI

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

With Case / Appendix : One Original Pick, One English Translation, Replica (Maternal and Child Health Passbook, Patient Registration Card, Passport (Young Child), summer greeting card Postcard, Beautiful Sunday EP Edition "Saber Tiger" Handwritten, KISS "HARDLUCK WOMAN" Handwritten Lyrics, New Year's Card, High School Pass Notification, Music Life Popularity Poll Postcard, Pencil Sketch "Arm and Person", Etching Work "Electric Guitar", Sketch "Woman", Equipment Setting Drawing, Hollywood Beauty College Diploma, Report Card, Sketch "Deformed Self-Image", "X" Tour Poster, signature colored paper, Concert Ticket LAWSON SPECIAL "S JAPAN FILM GIG", Business Card, Hide Model Electric Guitar Certificate, Message Manuscript for Fan Club"DICE", Set List for Solo debut, Sketch"Crocodile", Handwritten Notes for Fan Club Newsletter, Solo Tour Live Video Release Poster, After Show Party Ticket, Song Manuscript"Dahlia TOUR FINAL 1996", Handwritten Concept for LEMONed, Sketch"PATA/TOSHI Plus", LEMONed Pamphlet, Asahi Newspaper For the first time as a Japanese rock artist, 『 hide Perfect Treasures 』 has been added to the Treasure Book. A life-size"read,""see,"and"touch,"a life-size"hide that can be re-experienced in the life of Hide, will be revived! About 140000 characters of documentaries in which the words of"read"hide are vividly reproduced. About 50 photographs including"see"unpublished with an English translation booklet. About 100"touch"handwritten items and other private goods are faithfully reproduced. [Publication Summary] Size : A4 (W220 mm x H310 mm x D50 mm, Weight : About 2.5 kg) Page 192 / All color replica included Pocket 10 / Cosmetic box included [Reprinted Memorial Appendix (Reprinted 1 st print only)] FERNANDES"hide Perfect Treasures original pick"hide's favorite FERNANDES pick shape. The logo & hide visual of the Treasure Book is printed in full color on both sides. It is not only for use as a pick, but also for making holes for accessories and charms. It is a special appendix only for the reprinted 1 st print, so don't miss it! * The"hole processing"on the pick surface used by hide himself is not done. FERNANDES (guitar maker of hide model) Size : Length 29 mm / 0.75 1998 2016 2021 Treasures Treasures Treasures 『 』 『 』 『 』 Character Make-A-Wish Foundation The Beat Treasures Elvis Presley