Kuniraku Blu-ray Disc Morning Musume 19 Concert Tour Akikokoro and Body Final

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Japanese title: 邦楽Blu-ray Disc モーニングムスメ19コンサートツアーアキココロアンドカラダファイナル
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Item number: 438005677
Released date: 20 May 2020
Media: Blu-ray

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

2-Disc Set (Main Feature + Bonus)
■ Bonus
Live Photo Booklet
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[Enclosed Bonus Contents]
> [2] Bonus disc/live photo booklet
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[Video privilege content] <2> [2] "rock in'on presents ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2019" (August 10, 2019 Hitachi Seaside Park) Morning Musume. '19 Live video (1) OPENING (2) Mandarin orange (3) Kimagure Princess (4) I surrender Loved but love (5) Love Revolution 21 (updated) (6) Soap bubbles (7) The Peas! (8) ) Foam Saturday Night!(9) LOVE Machine(updated)(10)MC(11)One・Two・Three(updated)(12) Seishun Night(13)Are you Happy?(14) Selfish love joke (15)What is LOVE?(16)MC(17) I'm here! / Making video / [1] Making video
[Contents list] <1>(1) OPENING( 2) KOKORO & KARADA(3) Life Blues(4) Don't lose tonight's match (5) Youth Say A-HA(6) Selfish love joke (7) MC(8) Jealousy jealousy (9) Soap bubbles (9) 10) Because it's a free country (11) Songs of delusional girls who awaken to romance (12) MC (13) Hold me HOLD ON ME! (Hiroshi Tokumura, Erina Ikuta, Ayumi Ishida, Yuki Sato, Sakura Oda) (14) My Age! (Miki Nonaka, Mari Ai Makino, Akane Haga) (15) Definition of Rock (Kaede Kaga, Rena Yokoyama, Chisato Morito) (16) Favorite Seniors (Rio Kitagawa, Homara Okamura, Ai Yamazaki) ( 17) Wouldn't it be loveable on a rainless star? (18) The Piss! (19) MC (20) Medley: HOW DO YOU LIKE JAPAN? What is Japan like? Brainstorming-Women stand out Why Ikenai-One corner of Tokyo-Intuition 2 The missed fish is big!-Docca-N Capriccio (21) MC (22) LOVEpedia (23) Human relations NO way way (24) One・Two・Three(updated) (25)I surrender Aiwaredo Ai (26)What is LOVE? (27)Hey!Unfair Baby (28)MC (29)Seishun Night (30)Bravo! [2]Bonus Disc
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2 sheets
[Video commentary]
Mo Musume to which the new members joined. From the first tour of 14 people, shooting the Yoyogi Stadium First Gymnasium performance on December 5, 2019. In addition to the tour titles, they are performing single songs these days, and representative songs from the past.
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