Anime Blu-ray Disc Eiga K-on! [First Press Limited version]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメBlu-ray Disc 映画けいおん![初回限定版]
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Item number: 428003424
Released date: 18 Jul 2012
Maker: Pony Canyon
Media: Blu-ray
声優: 真田アサミ
声優: 米澤円
directed by: 山田尚子
Original work: かきふらい
Screenplay: 吉田玲子
Character Design: 堀口悠紀子
Musics: 百石元

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

That very popular TV series has finally become a movie!
It depicts the relaxed club life of 5 members of the light music club who were studying at Sakuragaoka High School, which was not depicted in the TV series.
Just before graduation, Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Tsumugi, who are in the third grade of the light music club, spent their time leisurely drinking tea in the club room as usual and discussing the direction of the band. 4
One day, when I learned that my classmates were planning a 「 graduation trip 」, I decided to go on a graduation trip.
Azusa who heard about it will also participate, and as a result of the KUJI trip, the trip destination will be decided to 「 London 」!
Each of the 5 people preparing for the trip will expand their expectations for London.
■ Enclosed Benefits
, Reduced Storyboard
, Theater Brochure Reduced
, Mini Setting Material
, 「 Angel Touched 」 Code Score (4 Types)
・ Bromide Set (5 Types)
・ Small Pre-sale Ticket (5 Types)
・ Bonus Disc
・ Special Mikata Back Box
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258 minutes
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[Audio Information]
[1] Japanese (PCM/5.1), Japanese (PCM), Audio Commentary 1, Audio Commentary 2, Audio Commentary 3 [2] Japanese
[Subtitle Information]
[1] Japanese
[Limited Edition Contents]
First Shipment Only
[Special Specifications]
Picture Disk
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[Enclosed Special Benefit Contents]
Storyboard Reduced Version / Theater Brochure Reduced Version / Mini Setting Material Collection / 「 Angel's Touch! 」 Code Score (4 Types) / Bromide Set (5 Types) / Advance Tickets Reduced Version (5 Types) / Special Mikata Back Box / Drawing Jacket / [2] Special Benefit Disk
* If the title does not mention 「 First 」, the first benefit of [Enclosed Special Benefit Contents] is not covered by the warranty. Please be aware before purchasing.
[Contents of video bonus]
[2] Director Naoko Yamada in London (Scenario hunting video) / Minami Tanaka's post-game report was added and is complete / November 27, 2011 After School Tea Time in Universal Studios Japan Back Stage Video / November 27, 2011 After School Tea Time inTBS Press Conference Video / Film 「 K-on! 」 Navi Program 1 2 3 is K-on! / K-on! Ongakudo / First day of December 3, 2011 Stage Greeting Video / Non-credit Opening / Ending / Manner Film / Special Notices / Announcements / TV Spot Collection / [1] Cast Audio Commentary / Staff Audio Commentary / Producer Audio Commentary
[List of performers]
Production : Kyoto Animation Director : Naoko Yamada Original : Kakifly Screenplay : Reiko Yoshida Character Design, Total animation director : Yukiko Horiguchi Fine Arts Director : Seiki Tamura Cinematography Director : Rin Yamamoto Color Design broadcasting club Meiji Takeda director of audiography : Yota Tsuruoka Music : Hajime Hyakkoku Voice Appearance : Aki Toyosaki / Yoko Hikasa / Satomi Sato / Minako Kotobuki / Ayana Taketatsu
[Contents List]
[1] Main Part [2] Special Disks
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[Video Comments]
Movie Version of Popular Anime Set in Girls' School light music Club. Just before graduation, the 5 of us are going on a graduation trip to London after school. He was the only one who secretly planned to make an original song for the students. The voices of Aki Toyosaki, Yoko Hikasa and others appeared.
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