Persona 3 Portable

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: PSPソフト ペルソナ3 ポータブル
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Item number: 177001318
Released date: 01 Nov 2009
Maker: Atlas
Scenario: 田中裕一郎
声優: 石田彰
声優: 井上麻里奈
声優: 豊口めぐみ
声優: 鳥海浩輔
声優: 田中理恵
声優: 緑川光
声優: 能登麻美子
声優: 坂本真綾
声優: 緒方恵美
声優: 中井和哉
声優: 斉藤千和
声優: 神奈延年
声優: 小野坂昌也
声優: 沢城みゆき
声優: 前田愛
声優: 小松由佳
声優: 野島健児
声優: 私市淳
声優: 三浦祥朗
声優: 佐藤聡美
声優: 中尾みち雄
声優: 戸谷公次
声優: 折笠富美子
声優: 島田敏
声優: 田中大文
声優: 田の中勇
声優: 諏訪部順一
声優: 堀秀行
声優: 濱野雅嗣

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

Popular Juvenile RPG "Persona 3" comes with PSP with various additional elements!
"Shadow time" visits every morning at midnight.

Shadow Time is a hidden time in the interval between 1 day and 1 day.

Shadow When time starts, ordinary people "symbolize" into objects of a coffin shape, nobody notices their existence.

Shadow In time, a disaster called "shadow" lived, we took the spirit of a human being who did not symbolize in that time period, and made the people inherited one after another.

Society was becoming lethargic and overflowing with human beings who lost their lives, trying to reach "the time of perdition" ...
▼ Battle is a turn-based battle that advances at a tempo well !!

Aiming at additional attacks by striking the enemy's weak points, it is easy to understand but very deeply strategy It has become a system that requires sex.

First of all, do "Analyze" exploring the weaknesses of enemies, and let's attack with weak points.

1more press occurred when the enemy is down and able to act again.

Even if you issue a critical attack, "1more press will happen.

Continue pushing down weaknesses of downs and uncontested enemies, if you lower all enemies, you will be dealt heavily damage Total Attack is possible

Shadow The mysterious labyrinth that appears in time "Tartarus" is the shadow's den. Automatically generated dungeon that changes the shape every visit.
- Punish shadow and aim at the top floor of Tartarus!
▼ Life as a student during the day !!

Morning · AM · lunch break · afternoon · after school · night · · · and a shadow time.

Players are going to school life as high school students during the day as they spend the day.

There are plenty of unique student events such as classes and club activities! You can enjoy friendships and romance.

▼ Tie strongens you! "Commu" system !!

In various places besides the special extracurricular activities department and school, including school relations such as classmates and department activities

Meet various people and become acquainted So, the hero gets various "bonds (community)".

If you raise the rank of "Commu", you can also gain experience bonus when merging personas according to rank.

▼ Merge "Persona Card" to create the strongest persona!

The only ability to overcome shadows, persona ability. Enhancement of this persona ability becomes the essential part of the fight against shadow.

Let's combine two or more personas in the velvet room and make the strongest persona.