Mac Hard Magic Mouse [MB829J / A]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: Macハード Magic Mouse [MB829J/A]
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Item number: 150001016
Released date: 01 Oct 2009
Maker: Apple

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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■ Smooth Top Shell for Multi-Touch
Slim, smooth, seamless top shell. You should notice that the design of the Magic Mouse is quite different from the mouse of the past, just by looking at it. If you look closely at the Magic Mouse, it will be surprised again by its smooth, buttonless appearance. As soon as you touch it you will know how good you feel. But, it is really surprising since I actually started using Magic Mouse.

Magic Mouse The entire multi-touch area covers. The mouse itself is a button. Scroll through 360 ° with one finger scroll. With 2 fingers swipe, browse web pages and photos one after another. You can click and double click anywhere. The inside of the Magic Mouse is a sensor that senses your gesture. Therefore, the Magic Mouse will not mistake scrolling and swiping. You can distinguish whether you are just placing your finger or operating it, to prevent misoperation.

■ Laser engine with high tracking accuracy
Magic Mouse uses a high performance laser tracking, so it is far more accurate and responsive than standard optical tracking engines , It can be used on various surfaces. You can use it without a mouse pad, either at the table of your favorite cafe or at the desk at your home office.
Magic Mouse connects wirelessly with Bluetooth, so you do not have to worry about annoying code and adapters. If you set up with a Bluetooth enabled Mac, you can use it up to 9.1 meters with a stable and reliable connection. If you use Magic Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard in combination, you will not mind cables anymore.

Wireless Magic Mouse is a great success even if you leave your desk. With a simple on / off switch, it reduces battery consumption when carrying it in a bag. And even if the switch is on, Magic Mouse judges when you are not using it and automatically reduces power.

Let's operate with various gestures
Multi-touch technology of iPhone, iPod touch has brought free and innovative operation method. If you have a multi-touch compatible Magic Mouse, you can operate it on the desktop Mac with the same feeling. The operation using the gesture is like feeling touching the screen directly. For example, swiping and browsing Safari's web page back and forth makes me feel like flipping through magazine pages. And scrolling the Magic Mouse, unlike the previous scrolling, is a momentum scroll like the iPhone and iPod touch. Speed ​​(disambiguation) of scrolling is determined according to the speed (disambiguation) of your gesture.

Adjust for you
I want to scroll, but I do not want to use swipe. I want to click two fingers instead of one finger. At any time Magic Mouse will do what you want. Let's configure the Magic Mouse environment from the system environment settings and set the functions.

Thanks to the symmetrical design, Magic Mouse fits perfectly on the right hand if right handed, left handed by left handed. It is also easy to replace the right and left buttons in the system environment setting and set for left-handed use.