Domestic TV drama DVD Hana no Chi sunny -Hanao Next Season- DVD-BOX

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 国内TVドラマDVD 花のち晴れ -花男Next Season- DVD-BOX
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Item number: 136013704
Released date: 26 Oct 2018
Media: DVD
Appearance: 飯豊万理江

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

6 pieces (the main story * 5 + benefits * 1)

■ benefits
· three-way back BOX
booklet (28P)

[recording time]
737 minutes

making (broadcasted on 2018 4 Re-editing the navi program that has been made / Episode 1 visual commentary (Sugaki Saka × Hirano Shizuku × Nakagawa Daishi) / Special Round-table Discussion (re-editing the navi program broadcasted on 2018.4.14) (Sugaki Sugi, Hirano Shizuku , Hiroshi Nakagawa, Takaomi Shibata, Mari Iitaka, Mika Imada, Hitoshi Suzuki, Atsushi Nakata) / Assault interview (re-editing the navi program broadcasted on 2018.4.7) / completion show preview / stage greeting / crank up collection / Hana-Kyun Name Scene Collection x Cinderella Girl / SPOT Collection

Producer: Setoguchi Katsuhiro Director: Ishii Yasuharu / Tsuboi Toshio / Okamoto Shingo / Matsuki Aya / Original: Kamio Yoko Screenplay: Yoshida Erika Music: Oma Tadashi / Hirano Yoshihisa / Mato Kijima / Yuri Habuka Cast: Sugi Sakihana / Hirano Shiori / Nakano Hiroshi / Shibata Taro / Shibata Mari / Imada Mio / Suzuki Hitoshi / Nada Suzuki / Haruna Kina / Horiuchi Keiko / Shiga Ryotaro / Takaoka Saki / Takifuji Kenichi / Momoko Kikuchi

【Contents list】

<<救 Savior is a man who is sloppy !? An fiancé!? Counterattack of de S small devil, tears of farewell ... New rival appearance! Enemy appears! Square relationship start !? The first confession of love in life! 〈Ep ep 6 デ ー ト W date of fate confession of tears, and the first kiss 7 ep 7 明 明 邸 バ イ バ イ バ イ ヘ ヘ 運 命 fate moves 運 命 ep 8 誕生 birth party of love and friendship! Destiny love and miracle love, who really like it !? Final battle with bets for love and pride! Which one is better to win ?? The strongest love comedy finally ends!

Akako Kamio Original work "Hana Yori Dango", a new series of Sugisakika and King & Prince A youthful love comedy dramatized by the co-star of Shion Hirano. Ten years after the legendary F4's graduated, a new fall in love is unleashed at Eidoku Gakuen, which has fallen into disapproval.

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