Prison Break Complete DVD-BOX

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Japanese title: 海外TVドラマDVD プリズン・ブレイク コンプリートDVD-BOX
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Item number: 135015734
Released date: 20 Jul 2016
Media: DVD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

44 pieces

■ Privilege
・ Miyakata BOX
・ Sleeve case 4 points

[Recording time]
3567 minutes

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English (5.1) / Japanese (5.1)

[Subtitle information]
Japanese / English

> [Group Name]
Prison Break

[Contents of Video Benefits]
[1] Special Program "Beyond the Wall" / [7] "24-TWENTY FOUR-" Episode 1 / [10] Hidden command: Secret message / [12] FOX MOVIE CHANNEL PRESENTS: Behind the cell / Making of "Prison Break" / Joliet prison (location) history / Tattoo mystery / Unreleased scenes / USA TV Spot Collection / Prison Break Season 2 Trailer / [14] "Anchor Woman in Love" Episode 1 "New Anchor Birth!" / "Temptation Island" Episode 1 "Iza, Landing on Enchanted Island!" / [19 ] Special program "Road to Freedom" / Photo report in Dallas / 24 season 6 episode 1 "6:00" / [20] "Unexpected": Voices by William Fixner (Mahon), Reggie Lee (Bill Kim), Matt Olmsted (General Production / Screenplay), Nick Soundtrack (Co-production / Screenplay) Commentary / "Message": Audio commentary by Zac Estrin (co-production, script), Reggie Lee (Bill Kim), Amaury Norrasco (Sucre), Karin Asher (co-production, script) / [22] "Queen Bee": Audio commentary by Paul Adelstein (as Kellerman), Fernando Argeles (cinematographer), Kevin Fuchs (production director and director), and Karin Asher (co-production and screenplay) / Explosive popularity in the United States Variety show "Joe Mi

Production Conductor: Paul Sharing Production: Brett Ratner Cast: Wentworth Miller / Dominique Purcell Voice appearances: Hiroki Higashichi / Hiroo Egawa

[List of contents]
[1] Michael Allen [2] < Episode 3 Cell Test Corrosion [3] English, Fitz, Percy Devil's Hole (Ana) Part1 [4] Devil's Hole (Ana) Part2 Route 66 [5] Tweener Planner [6] Seven walls Kill the disturber [7] Snitch Plan change [9] Road to Fox River J-CAT [10] Bluff Key [11] Tonight Beyond the Wall ... [12] Escape! [13] Talk> The fugitives Otis [14] Scan The price of the trap [15] Double K farm Reunion [16] Episode 7: Deposited gold Dead Fall [17] Secret Garden Meet and Meet [18] Bolshoi Booz Family Portrait [19] Counterattack starts! [20] Unexpected Message [21] To Chicago ... Reincarnation of blood [22] Canceled Queen Bee [23] Panama Reversal [24] SONA [25] Welcome to the jungle The third man [26] Unexpected person Fence [27] Operation starts 3:13 [ 28] Wolf Boy Breakthrough [29] Bird in a Basket Death to a traitor [30] Seven Nights Episode 12: Heaven and Hell [31] The Whereabouts of Driving [32] Scylla / Odyssey [33] Shutdown Eagle and angel [34] Safe break Team play [35] Hardway Great fulfillment Legend [37] The dice was thrown [38] Selfless Betrayal Reciprocation [39] Secret of the transaction In my memory [40] Miami Mother [41] vs SOB [42] Battle The Ultimate Choice [43] Settled! [44] Prison Break Final Break

The brother was arrested and sentenced to death for killing the president's family. The younger brother with IQ200 makes a detailed and bold plan to save his innocent brother in the plot. A breathtaking suspense drama starring Wentworth Miller.

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