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※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 海外TVドラマDVD ビッグバン★セオリー フォース・シーズン コンプリート・ボックス
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Released date: 18 Mar 2015
Media: DVD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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568 minutes

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[6] Relativity theory in Q & A: Simon and Melissa In the case of Kunaru, in the case of Jim and Mei, in the case of Cary and Johnny / Comiccon 2010 / Music Clip Shooting Landscape / NG Collection / Theme Song Music Clip
【Cast Member List】 Director: Mark Chen Drogski Cast: Johnny Garecchi / Jim Parsons / Cary Kuoko / Simon Hellberg / Kunaru Nayer / Mayhem Biaric Voice Appearance: Takehiro Senjo / Takahide Adachi / Ryoko Shintani / KOMORI SOSUKE / Kazuyuki Kusatsu / Yuko Noichi
[1] The Law of Utilizing the Otaku Robot Arm Otaku Blue Year vs Steve Wozniak's law Law of catastrophe catastrophe Law of Katie Sakov and George Takei [2] Law of face to face with mother of girlfriend < 6th episode> Law of treachery with friends' sister FBI's identity research law Will Wheaton and the Law of the Matrix [3] Law of Restitution and Roommate Agreement Law of suppressing the Balkan expression of emotions Cosplay is the Law of Justice League Application development and the law of the bus and pants [4] Law of seven sexes and rooms divided < Episode 14> The Law of Lecture and Acting Research Fund and the Law of Bacterial Phobia <16th Episode> The Law of Co-Otaku Cohabitation [5] The Law of Karaoke and Chilean Beans Curry and canojo and former Cano law Otaku style, law of recapturing <20th episode> With gossip Law of Na [6] Roommate Agreement, Law of Collapse Law of Double Dating and Investigation Law of Engagement and Heart Attack Room Exchange and Overnight 'S accident law -
Warner Bros. Home entertainment The 4th season of the situation, comedy series depicting interesting funny love patterns of the geek quadruple group and the individual three girls. The familiar quadruple will burn in love with each other, spreading delusion.

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