Japanese DVD Returner Deluxe Edition

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 邦画DVD リターナー デラックスエディション
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Item number: 134001549
Released date: 24 Oct 2003
Maker: Amuse
Media: DVD
directed by: 山崎貴
Screenplay: 平田研也
Musics: 松本晃彦
Appearance: 金城武
Appearance: 鈴木杏
Appearance: 樹木希林
Appearance: 岸谷五朗
Appearance: 高橋昌也
Appearance: 岡元夕紀子
Appearance: 村田充
Appearance: 川合千春

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording time]
272 minutes

[screen size]

[voice information]
[1] Japanese (5.1), Japanese, Japanese (DTS / 5.1)-Audio commentary [2] Japanese

[subtitle information]
Japanese / published / English

[Limited Edition]
Initial shipment limited Limited edition / 2-disc set

Picture disc

【Enclosed bonus contents】
[2] Benefits disc / Specially made collectable box / Digipack specification / Picture disc / luxurious inclusion file (art collection card 8 pieces, VFX Shooting Storyboard, conscript collection compressed version by director handwriting)
※ For items that do not have the title of the “first time” in the title, the first benefit of [Encapsulation bonus contents] Is not covered by the warranty. Please note on your purchase beforehand.

[Video bonus content]
[1] Audio commentary by Takashi Yamazaki / Producer Horibe / [1] Cast / Staff Profile / [1] Movie version special report / [1] notice / [1] TV Spot / [2] "Days of Returner 2000.9.1 → 2002.8.31" start line (plan start-up. Director / staff interview format) / [2] Commitment to action (action director interview) / [2] Production design (construction of the returner world by PD) Returner site diary (directed by Takashi Yamazaki, with a voice commentary by Kei Suzuki) / [2] Days of MIYAMOTO, MILLY, MIZOGUCHI VFX synthesis Process collection (with commentary by Takashi Yamazaki) / [2] Derailed cut collection (with commentary by Takaki Yamazaki) / [2] Flash Frames (video after "Cut!") / [2] BEFORE> AFTER (VFX material Before and after completion) Special Report / [2] Play Notice / [2] TV spot collection / [2] in-play "Destroy" Matsumoto Akihiko promotion video production press conference / [2] completion announcement preview / [2] Shibuya Jack / [2] bonus movie <

Director / Screenplay / VFX: Takashi Yamazaki Screenplay: Hirata Kenya Photo: Koji Shinozaki / Sako Akira Art: Uetori Asari Lighting: Ueda Naoyuki Decoration: Tatsuda Tetsuko Sound Designer: Keiichi Momose Recording: Tadaharu Sato / Satoshi Tanaka Editing: Taguchi Tetsuya Music: Takeshi Kinjo / Takeshi Suzuki / Shiki Suzuki / Goro Kishitani / Goya Takahashi / Yukiko Okamoto / Mitsutoshi Murata / Motoya Iida / Kazuharu Shimizu / Chiharu Kawai

[List of contents]
[1] Main story [2] bonus disc \