True (Change!) GETTER ROBO : The Last Day of the World Remaster Box [Regular Version]

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Japanese title: アニメDVD 真(チェンジ!!)ゲッターロボ 世界最後の日 リマスターBOX [通常版]
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Item number: 128052625
Released date: 25 Apr 2007
Media: DVD
Voice appearance: 関智一

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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325 minutes
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High Quality Master by Negative Telecine
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Special CD (First Time Only) / Liner Notes / Drawn by Kenji Mt. Hayama BOX / Drawn by Kenji Mt. Hayama & Yamada Kisei Inner Jacket / 「 EMOTION25 th Anniversary Commemorative Masterpiece / Hako Purchase Campaign 」 Target Products
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Director : Jun Kawagoe Original : Go Nagai / Satoru Ishikawa Character Design : Kenji Mt. Hayama Mechanical Design : Yamada Kisei Art : Kazuhiro Arai director of audiography : Yota Tsuruoka Music : Yasunori Iwasaki Voice Appearance : Tomokazu Seki / Narumi Hidaka / Yasunori Matsumoto / Hideo Ishikawa / Naoya Uchida / Shinpachi Tsuji / Shozo Iizuka / / / / omae / sensei / sbp /
[List of Contents]
[1] Revival! Evil Fortress Saotome Research Institute Threat! God or Devil or True Dragon! Destruction of Japan! Farewell Getter! Catastrophe! New Warriors! Nightmare! Disclosed Truth! Decisive battle! Episode 8> Fight to the Death! Bloodstained Land! episode 9> Plot! corps! Fight to the Dead! Plot! Flash! Evolution End! Shin Getter Robo Original Original SoundTrack 1 & 2 (First Time Only)
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Super Robot Anime based on the original of Wa x Nai. Shin Getter Robo Gaiden Taimei Suzuki Kunihiko Yasui Daisuke Gori Masashi Hirose Mugihito Go Nagai Satoru Ishikawa Even Ryoma, who had been imprisoned for the murder of Dr. Saotome, was killed by the attack of the giant cosmic life, and the dissolved getter team was revived.
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