GS Shingin DVD Box

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: GS美神 DVD-BOX
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Item number: 128014626
Released date: 26 Jan 2005
Maker: 国王唱片
Production: 川田武範
Original work: 椎名高志
Series configuration: 松井亜弥
Screenplay: 岸間信明
Musics: 佐橋俊彦
Voice appearance: 鶴ひろみ
Voice appearance: 堀川亮
Voice appearance: 國府田マリ子
Voice appearance: 富沢美智恵
Voice appearance: 西原久美子
Voice appearance: 千葉繁
Voice appearance: 山崎和佳奈
Voice appearance: 森川智之
Voice appearance: 曽我部和恭
Voice appearance: 青野武

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

8-disc set

[Recording time]
1125 minutes

[Screen size]

[Group name]
GS Mikami

[Enclosed Bonus Contents]
Illustrations drawn by Takashi Shiina
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[Video benefits]
Non-telop OP, ED
Director: Jun Umezawa Original: Takashi Shiina Series composition: Aya Matsui Character design: Mitsuru Aoyama Music: Toshihiko Sahashi Voice Appearance: Hiromi Tsuru / Ryo Horikawa / Mariko Kokufuda / Michie Tomizawa / Kumiko Nishihara / Shigeru Chiba / Kazuna Yamazaki / Kazuaki Sogabe / Tomoyuki Morikawa / Takeyuki Aono / Brown Tea Style

[List of Contents]
[1] Bodycon Exorcist Appears! Robbers have no tomorrow! Curse Doll Empire !! Space Howling of a Haunted House! Lady Exorcist! [2] Dr. Chaos's Challenge! Love Over Time Please chew !! Search for Shikigami! Let's go on the spirit train! Beware of the evil ramen!? [3 ] Enemy (rival)! Emi Ogasawara! Summer monster pool Mediterranean Sleep the vampire! The summer sea is full of temptations Shrinking goddess !! [4] Chasing the ghost submarine! Paradise Smash !! Everyone can be a child! Counterattack of the Devil Piper Road to the Dragon !! Dragon Angry Runaway [5] Himiko of Yamatai Adventure of the hero and the god! Maria Junjou straight! The prince of the dragon !! The dragon crisis! Yosame Shimesaba Marumisa [6] Sky Tobu Magical Broom Reiko Married !? Mannequin Doll Invites Yokai High School Santa's Gift [7] Okinu's Christmas Battle Tsuruga New Year !! Exam Blues Maria's Sister > Maria and Teresa [8] <41st Exciting! Snow Queen Give chocolate !! Go into the dream! Hell Nightmare With love from GS (Ghost Sweeper) < br>
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[Video comments]
Occult comedy / animation DVD- BOX. A variety of characters such as Yokoshima who works at a bargain, and Kinu-chan, a ghost who saves money to grow up, appear.

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