TV anime "Gundam G's Recongister" Original Soundtrack

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: TVアニメ「ガンダム Gのレコンギスタ」オリジナルサウンドトラック
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Item number: 120080294
Released date: 15 Apr 2015
Media : CD
Performance: 菅野祐悟

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[List of songs] <1> (1) G-G recongista (2) G-flashing light (TV size) (Hasegawa-Daisuke) (3) spilling from empty space (4) Skord's heights (4) 5) Just with heart (6) Campus what (7) Active color (8) Space pirate (9) Hard Rayhanton code (10) Heart of pope (11) Mother's breath (12) Wave of Towasanga (13 ) A butterfly maiden (14) Three moths (15) G-Self blue sky (16) A maiden (17) When I think of death (18) Krim Nick Lessons (19) The weather fineness (20) Hand distance (21) Hyphen Staccato (Hasegawa Daisuke) (22) Step out, in a team! (23) Bale of memory (24) Burning is far (25) Is there a face under the mask? (26 The Attackers (27) With the Core Fighter (28) Only One Cloud [2] (1) My House Calls (2) A Far Enemy's Scream (3) The Meaning of Being Lonely (4) The First Corps (5) ) In the bowl (6) All the members gathered (7) dance in my hands (8) Thunderclouds dream of space (9) Cantera of the sky (10) Papaya rolled (11) The door of tomorrow will be opened (12) Can I touch (13) Distant lightning (14) Drop the head (15) To the time of the waltz (16) What can not be expressed as words (17) Weight of the past (18) Three blades (Yaiba) (19) Woman How to walk (20) Show me lightly (21) Endless Ocean Ring (22) Poverty in the darkness (23) Desperately! (24) Roundabout (25) A longevity ring (26) Water surface (all too Touch the (27) sleep before (28) Crim's eye catcher (29) Novell's eye catcher (30) Noredo's eye catcher (31) Berry's eye catcher (32) Mask's eye catcher (33) Manny Eye catcher (34) La Laiya's eye catch (35) Aida's eye catcher (36) Waiting for you [3] (1) What was talked-out (2) Time to walk (time) (3) We (4) still asleep? (5) number of iron wall ( 6) Wings in space (sora) (7) The end of the fireball row (8) Great threat (9) House with a large number of rooms (10) A sunny morning would you like to travel together (11)? (12) I am not tired yet (13) Atmospheric layer (14) Dawn, come! (15) Dancing Jitts (16) Far journeys (17) Two ways of waiting ~ The Way to Reconguista ~ (18) Waiting Continued (19) BLAZING (TV Size ver.) (GARNiDELiA) (20) Futari no Maho (TV Size) (May J.) (21) G flash (Hasegawa Daisuke)


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April 15, 2015 The original soundtrack of the popular TV anime "Gundam G's Recon Gista" that will be released daily. Includes over 80 songs including the full-length version of the ending theme song "G's Flashlight" as well as the main feature BGM and the intro song. Music by Satoshi Ogino.