Animated CD One Piece MEMORIAL BEST [Regular Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメ系CD ONE PIECE MEMORIAL BEST[通常盤]
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Item number: 120042209
Released date: 17 Mar 2010
Maker: Avex
Media: CD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[List of songs]
[1] (1) Weer! (KITADANI HIROSHI) (2) Believe (Folder 5) (3) Hikarihe (The Baby Stars) (4) BON VOYAGE! (BON-BON BLANCO) ( 5) Kokoro no Chi (BOYSTYLE) (6) BRAND NEW WORLD (D-51) (7) Weer! (7 Straw Pirates) (7 Straw Pirates) (8) Crazy Rainbow (Tacky & Wings) ) (9) Jungle P (5050) (10) Weer! (Animated One Piece 10th Anniversary Ver.) (Dong Bang Shin Ki) (11) Share The World (Dong Bang Shin Ki) (12) Look for the Wind (Mari Yaguchi and Straw Hat) (13 ) Memories (Ootsuki Maki) (14) RUN! RUN! RUN! (Ootsuki Maki) (15) I am there (TOMATO CUBE) (16) Shonosuke (Estimated Girl) [2] (1) BEFORE DAWN (AI -SACHI) (2) fish (The Kaleidoscope) (3) GLORY-because you are-(Uehara Takako) (4) Shining ray (Janne Da Arc) (5) Free Will (Ruppina) (6) FAITH (Ruppina) (7) A to Z (One Piece Edition) (ZZ) (8) Moon and the Sun (Shela) (9) DREAMSHIP (Ikuta ☆ Aiko) (10) Future Voyage (Tacky & Wings) (11) Eternal Pose (Asia Engineer ) (12) Dea r friends (TRIPLANE) (13) Tomorrow will come (Dong Bang Shin Ki) (14) ADVENTURE WORLD (Delicatesen) (15) Family (seven straw pirates) (seven straw pirates) (16) Binks of Sake (a piece of straw) (17) A THOUSAND DREAMERS (a group of nine pirates of straw) (a group of nine pirates of straw)


[label] 【Ave】
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Comment on

Dong Bang Shin Ki sang a stylish and powerful opening "Weir!" While listening to the new version, I feel the history of the anime "One Piece" again. A luxurious memorial best that includes the character songs that flowed in the main story from the OP & ED of successive generations that boosted the character's dreams and adventures.

【CD new comment】
The 10th movie version is well received "One Piece", the memorial best album to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the TV animation version. Includes "Weer!", "Animal 10th Anniversary Version", and "Find the Wind".

【Tie-up information】
TV "One Piece" opening theme "Believe"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "I am there"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "Shochi nosuke"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "BEFORE DAWN"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "fish"
"One Piece Grand Battle! 2" image song "Believe"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "GLORY-because you are"
TV "One Piece" opening theme "to Hikari"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "Shining ray"
TV "One Piece "Opening theme" Free Will "
TV" One Piece "ending theme" FAITH "
TV" One Piece "ending theme" A to Z "
TV" One Piece "opening theme" BON VOYAGE! "
TV "One Piece" ending theme "Moon and the sun"
TV "One Piece" ending theme "DREAMSHIP"
"One Piece Going Baseball" image song "BON VOYAGE!"
"one peace Land! Land "BON VOYAGE!"
TV "One Piece" Opening Theme "Kokoro Chizuru"
"One Piece Gravato! RUSH" Image Song "Weer!"
TV "One Piece" Ending Theme "Future Voyage "
TV" One Piece "ending theme" Eternal pose "
TV" One Piece "ending theme" Dear friends "
TV" One Piece "theme song" BRAND NEW WORLD "
TV" "One Piece" ending theme "ADVENTURE WORLD"
TV "One Piece" opening theme "Crazy Rainbow"
TV "One Piece" opening theme "Jungle P"
TV "One Piece" theme song "wind In Search of "
TV" One Piece "Opening Theme" Weir! "
TV" One Piece "opening theme" Share The World "
TV" One Piece "ending theme" Tomorrow will come "

Track list

  • 1. ウィーアー!
  • 2. Believe
  • 3. ヒカリヘ
  • 4. BON VOYAGE!
  • 5. ココロのちず
  • 7. ウィーアー!(7人の麦わら海賊団篇)
  • 8. Crazy Rainbow
  • 9. Jungle P
  • 10. ウィーアー!(アニメーション ワンピース10周年Ver.)
  • 11. Share The World
  • 12. 風をさがして
  • 13. memories
  • 14. RUN!RUN!RUN!
  • 15. 私がいるよ
  • 16. しょうちのすけ
  • 10. 未来航海
  • 11. エターナルポーズ
  • 12. Dear friends
  • 13. 明日は来るから
  • 15. Family(7人の麦わら海賊団篇)
  • 16. ビンクスの酒(BONUS TRACK)
  • 17. A THOUSAND DREAMERS(9人の麦わら海賊団篇
  • 2. fish
  • 3. GLORY-君がいるから-
  • 4. Shining ray
  • 5. Free Will
  • 6. FAITH
  • 7. A to Z(ONE PIECE Edition)
  • 8. 月と太陽
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