SixTONES / Matsumura Hokuto / Jesse / Horizontal / Bust up / Costume Black / Jesse / Left Hand Fist / Matsumura Wrinkle between eyebrows / "Johnnys' ISLAND Selfie" / Official Official photo (limited to Island Store)

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 生写真(ジャニーズ)/アイドル/SixTONES SixTONES/松村北斗・ジェシー/横型・バストアップ・衣装黒・ジェシー左手グー・松村眉間にシワ寄せ/「Johnnys’ ISLAND セルフィー」/公式生写真(アイランドストア限定)
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Item number: GG251059
Released date: 01 Oct 2019
Appearance: 松村北斗
Appearance: ジェシー
Appearance: SixTONES