Domestic TV drama Blu-ray Disc Old Man Love -in the sky- Blu-ray BOX

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 国内TVドラマBlu-ray Disc おっさんずラブ-in the sky- Blu-ray BOX
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Item number: 436001759
Released date: 15 Apr 2020
Media: Blu-ray
Appearance: 鈴鹿央士
Appearance: 吉田鋼太郎
Musics: 河野伸

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording time]
497 minutes
[Screen size]
[Audio information]
[1] ~ [4] Japanese (PCM) [5 ] Japanese
[Subtitle Information] <1> ~ [4] Japanese
[Group Name]
Old Man's Love

[Enclosed Benefits] Contents:
Haruta & Musashi Airport Visual Magnet (first time only) / [5] Bonus disc / Mikata spine BOX / Visual Digipack / Special story sheet (paper ticket case, boarding ticket 5 sheets)
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[Video privilege contents]
Streaming Original Ozsanzu Love -in the sky- ~Yukuru Nikuru SP SP~ / Production Announcement Press Conference / Crank-In Collection / Crank-Up Collection / Ground Wave Crying Cut Unpublished/Completely unpublished long version Sometimes happening / Another angle collection / Backstage behind the title back that stuck to analog shooting as much as possible! / PR spot collection
Director: Ruito Toichiro/Yamamoto Daisuke/Yuki Saito Screenplay: Koji Tokuo Music: Shin Kono Cast: Kei Tanaka/Yudai Chiba/Shigeyuki Totsugi/Aimi Satsugawa/Yuria Kisaki/Yujia Suzuka/Kyoko Kataoka/MEGUMI/Myzoku/Yoshida Steel Taro
[Contents] <1> <1st flight> Attention Please <2nd flight> Avoid love in the center of the airport [2] <3rd flight> ENDLESS RAIN <4th flight> Don't hate Not us [3] <5th flight> Maybe I shouldn't use it <6th flight> My seven days with you [4] <7th flight> And nobody left Merry Christmas in the sky [5] Special disc <
[Video Comment]
Kei Tanaka's social phenotype as a social phenomenon, when Kei Tanaka developed a pure love pattern with "Ossan" Second edition of. The stage is moved to an airline company, and a male CA holds a love battle with the captain, sub-captain, and mechanic. Yudai Chiba and others co-star.
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