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Japanese title: 邦画Blu-ray Disc RAILWAYS
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Item number: 434000128
Released date: 14 Oct 2010
Maker: Shochiku
Media: Blu-ray
directed by: 錦織良成
Screenplay: 小林弘利
Shooting: 柳田裕男
Appearance: 中井貴一
Appearance: 高島礼子
Appearance: 本仮屋ユイカ
Appearance: 三浦貴大
Appearance: 奈良岡朋子
Appearance: 橋爪功
Appearance: 佐野史郎
Appearance: 宮崎美子
Appearance: 遠藤憲一
Appearance: 中本賢
Appearance: 甲本雅裕
Appearance: 渡辺哲
Appearance: 石井正則
Appearance: 笑福亭松之助

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

An inspiring drama depicting the life of a 49-year-old man who became a train driver.
Tsutsui Tsutsui, who has accumulated many achievements with major home appliance manufacturers, and is busy every day while being at the age of 50.
When he returned to his hometown when his mother, who had lived alone, fell, he remembered his dream of becoming a driver of the one field train, and decided to quit the company and become a train driver. .

【Recording time】
240 minutes

[Screen size]
[1] Shinesco [2] Vista

[voice information]
[ 1] Japanese (DTS-HD / 5.1), Japanese (DTS), Audio Commentary (DTS) [2] Japanese

[subtitle information]
[1] Japanese
【Group Name】

[Disclosed Benefits]
[2] Reward Disc (DVD)

[Video Reward]
[1] Railway Scene chapter / audio commentary "Ichibata LOVE! Large railways talk": production general command-Hideshi Abe, director-Yoshinari Saori, train technical adviser-Takayuki Ishitoi / trailer / special report / [2] making (RAHANWAYS seen from Dehani , RAILWAYS seen from the performers, Hollan Enya reproduction, Takara Miura baseball classroom) / Event video collection (completion show preview, completion show press conference, opening ceremony greetings, opening day interviews) / SPOT collection (TVCM, Love) Scenery of BATADEN

[List of Performers]
Production Director: Hideshi Abe Director Screenplay: Ryoori Saori Screenplay: Brasily Ann, Yamada / Hirotoshi Kobayashi Music: Ryuichi Yoshimura Cast: Nakai Kiichi / Reiko Takashima / Yuika Honkaya / Takahiro Miura / Satoshi Naraoka / Isao Hashi / Shiro Sano / Miko Miyazaki / Kenichi Endo / Nakamoto Ken / Masahiro Komoto / Satoshi Watanabe / Kota Ogata / Masanori Ishii / Shonosuke Matsunosuke

[Contents list]
[1] main story [2] bonus disc

> 2 pieces

[Video comment]
A story of a man who became a train driver at the age of 49, given by ROBOT of “ALWAYS Sunset at 3rd Street” series planning and production. It is a work full of love for the railway, the story, the image, the sound, which makes it a railway fan.

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