Western music CDs EXO / COUNTDOWN [Blu-ray included, Limited Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 洋楽CD EXO / COUNTDOWN[Blu-ray付初回限定盤]
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Item number: 221210702
Released date: 31 Jan 2018
Maker: Avex
Media: CD
Performance: EXO

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Product specification]
· 2 pieces (CD 1 piece + Blu-ray 1 piece)
with lyrics booklet
-Digipack specification

※ For the addition of trading cards, and Suma plastic cord It will not be covered by warranty. Please be aware in advance.

Limited Edition

[List of songs]
[1] (1) Electric Kiss (2) Coming Over (3) Love Me Right-romantic universe-(4) LIGHTSABER (5) ) TACTIX (6) Into My World (7) Lovin 'You Mo' (8) Drop That (9) Run This (10) Cosmic Railway [2] (1) Electric Kiss (2) ) Love Me Right ~ romantic universe ~ (3) LIGHTSABER (4) Coming Over (5) Electric Kiss (MUSIC CLIP) (Off Shot Movie) (6) JACKET (Off Shot Movie) ( 7) a-nation 2017 ※

Aegean pop

[limited contents]
First edition delivery limited edition (First edition production limited edition) <

【Privilege information】
24P booklet / Trading card (1 kind random out of 8 types) / Smapura correspondence
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【Recording information】
[2] (7) Live recording / [2] (7) 2017

avex trax

In Korea, a national group that achieved the first consecutive Grand Prix 4 consecutive wins at the Golden Disc Award and the Seoul Songs Grand Prix. Japan's first album with a sense of passing through the years, Motown's, EDM's, discos, traps, etc., variously condensed flavors with high purity, extracted into rap + dance pop, full production directly sending seasonal momentum

【CD new comment】
A male idol group from Korea, EXO's Japan 1st album, including lead song "Electric Kiss" and debut single song "Love Me Right ~ romantic universe ~" You can enjoy the matching vocals and raps.

Track list

  • 1. Electric Kiss(日本テレビ系「スッキリ」1月テーマソング
  • 2. Coming Over
  • 3. Love Me Right〜romantic universe〜
  • 5. TACTIX
  • 6. Into My World
  • 7. Lovin’ You Mo’(WOWOW「連続ドラマW 春が来た」主題歌)
  • 8. Drop That
  • 9. Run This
  • 10. Cosmic Railway
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