May J. / Imperfection [with DVD]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 邦楽CD May J. / Imperfection[DVD付]
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Item number: 220187415
Released date: 08 Oct 2014
Maker: Avex
Media: CD
Performance: May J.

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[List of songs]
[1] (1) Is there light (2) True love (3) Key of heart (4) Sunshine Baby! (5) Clap! (6) HAPPY DAY (7) Oath of Kiss (8) Lovin 'you (9) Mama found ... “Forever” (10) To the future (11) Tsukama no Niji (12) Let It Go (English song) (13) Real love (Orchestra ver. ) [2] (1) True love (2) Sunshine Baby! (3) Tsukama no Niji (4) Lovin'you (5) Oath Kiss (6) Let It Go (English song) [3] (1) Let It Go ~ as it is ~ (2) glitter (3) energetic ( 4) ONE MORE KISS (5) Garden (6) Beautiful Days (7) Medley: Dogwood ~ Far Distant ~ First Love ~ Precious (8) Life Only (9) Flowers (10) Lovin'you (11) -BAND SESSION & DANCE -(12) Be mine ~ I like you ~ (13) Shiny Sky (14) Sunshine Baby! (15) I want to be like (16) RAINBOW (17) Believe (18) -ENCORE- (19) Amazing Grace ( 20) Real love (21) Let It Go (English song) (22) Thank you *

Domestic rock & pop

[Recording information]
[2] (7) Live recording / [2] (7) 2014 July / [2] May J.Tour 2014 ~ Message for Tomorrow ~ 2014.7.30 at Zepp Tokyo

rhythm zone


[Comments from the CD audition]
The Walt Disney Company album, the first album in about two years after the big hit of the Japanese version of the theme song for "Anna and the Snow Queen". In addition to recording “Let It Go” in Bora, “Are there the light” written by a soccer player with Atsuto Uchida, it also has a lot of topical content that all songs are tied up. Reaffirm the reason for being a queen of ballads with rich singing ability.

【CD New Comment】
The album released in October 2014. In addition to the drama “Alumni ~ People are in love three times” insert song “Real Love”, “Lunch Pack” CM song “Sunshine Baby!”, “Ana Xue” play song “Let It Go”, etc. Motivated work full of tie-ups.

[Tie-up information]
CM "House Information Center" image song "Hikari no Arika"
CM "Tokyo Interior" image song "Lovin 'you"
TV "music ru" "Opening theme of TV" "Lovin 'you"
Movie "Anna and the Snow Queen" theme song "Let It Go"
CM "Proactive Solution" Image song "To the Future"
CM "Lunch Pack" image song "Sunshine Baby!"
TV "Alumni-People are in love three times" Insert song "Real Love"
TV "FAIRY TAIL" ending theme "Key of the heart"
TV "Portal ANN News & Sports" theme song "Mama found ..." Forever ""
Movie "UULA drama" Strange Love Story "" theme song "Oath Kiss"
CM "Tokyo Interior" Image Song "Oath Kiss"

Track list

  • 1. 光のありか(日本航空「スノーリゾート北海道」イメージソング)
  • 2. 本当の恋(TBS系 木曜ドラマ劇場「同窓生〜人は,三度,恋をする〜」挿入歌)
  • 3. 心の鍵(テレビ東京系アニメ「FAIRY TAIL」エンディングテーマ曲)
  • 4. Sunshine Baby!(ヤマザキ「ランチパック」CMソング)
  • 5. Clap!(元町ショッピングストリート CMソング)
  • 6. HAPPY DAY
  • 7. 誓いのキス(UULAドラマ「奇妙な恋の物語」主題歌
  • 8. Lovin’ you(東京インテリア CMソング)
  • 9. Mama found…”Forever”(テレビ朝日系「ポータル ANNニュース&スポーツ」テーマソング)
  • 10. 未来へ(ガシー・レンカー・ジャパン「プロアクティブ」CMソング)
  • 11. つかのまの虹でも
  • 12. Let It Go(英語歌
  • 13. 本当の恋(Orchestra ver.
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