Domestic TV drama DVD Rampage mama DVD-BOX

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 国内TVドラマDVD 暴れん坊ママ DVD-BOX
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Item number: 136004932
Released date: 25 Apr 2008
Maker: Pony canyon
Media: DVD
Production: 佐藤祐市
Production: 石川淳一
Production: 北川学
Screenplay: 大石静
Musics: 服部隆之
Appearance: 上戸彩
Appearance: 大泉洋
Appearance: ともさかりえ
Appearance: 片瀬那奈
Appearance: 山口紗弥加
Appearance: 中山恵
Appearance: 向井理
Appearance: 音尾琢真
Appearance: 広岡由里子
Appearance: 瀬戸康史
Appearance: 大和田伸也
Appearance: 岡江久美子

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

6 pieces (the main story * 5 + bonus * 1)

■ bonus
· BOX (with obi)

[recording time]
468 minutes

[Screen size]
[1] ~ [5] wide [6] standard

[enclosed bonus contents]
[6] bonus disc
※ title of the "first time" in the title is For items that do not exist, the first benefit of [Enclosed Benefits] is not covered by the warranty. Please note on your purchase beforehand.

【Video bonus content】
[6] Production press release / program just before special / Performer Interviews: Hiroshi Oizumi, Aya Ueto, Taketoshi Ashiya / Crank Up Collection / Making / Poster Shooting / Non Credit ending / each story notice / Ueto & Oizumi alarm appearance live / new program notice etc

Producer: Nagai Reiko director: Satoshi Sato / Ryo Ishikawa / Manabu Kitagawa Script: Shizuka Oishi Planning: Kenichiro Otsuki Music: Takayuki Hattori Starring: Ueto Aya / Hiroshi Oizumi / Yukari Tomose / Nana Katakana / Yukari Hinomura / Megumi Nakayama / Osamu Mukai / Taketaka Uguistani / Yuma Otoio / Yuri Hirooka / Yasushi Seto / Kotaro Okamoto / Mikihisa Higashi / Shinya Owada / Kumiko Okae

Why I am a mom! << Episode 2> Assault !! Debut match [2] Father attack! Crisis of retirement I saw! Lies of the garden mama society [3] shock! Secret of the true mom < Six episodes: First love! (Hidden) Hihien Operation !? [4] Episode 7: The son is a genius !? Entry to the exam Tears Of Graduation Ceremony ... I Love You [6] Benefits Disc


[Video] Comment]
Home comedy drama that Aya Ueto challenged to the role of mother for the first time. A naughty woman Ayu who got married to a hairdresser of Tsutsuichi. She will take over a child born between her husband and her ex-wife, drawing a picture of struggling to raise her child.

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