Touch Standard Edition

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 邦画DVD タッチ スタンダードエディション
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Item number: 134005233
Released date: 24 Mar 2006
Maker: Toho
Media: DVD
directed by: 犬童一心
Original work: あだち充
Screenplay: 山室有紀子
Musics: 松谷卓
Appearance: 長澤まさみ
Appearance: 斉藤祥太
Appearance: 斉藤慶太
Appearance: RIKIYA
Appearance: 安藤希
Appearance: 福士誠治
Appearance: 風吹ジュン
Appearance: 若槻千夏
Appearance: 徳井優
Appearance: 山崎一
Appearance: 高杉亘
Appearance: 渡辺哲
Appearance: 小日向文世
Appearance: 宅麻伸

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

Mitsuru Adachi's original work "Touch" has become a full-fledged movie! Tatsuya and Kazuya are twin brothers. They have always been friends with Minami, who lives next to them, no matter what they do from a young age. She dreams that her younger brother Kazuya, who is an all-powerful and excellent player, will participate in Koshien. She is a bright and cute couple that everyone accepts. On the other hand, Tatsuya falls behind and is inferior to Kazuya in terms of study and sports. At the West Tokyo Games for the first year of high school, where she is expected to participate in Koshien. On the other hand, Tatsuya will be in a car accident on the morning of the final match.
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116 minutes
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Japanese / Japanese (5.1)
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Production : Hideyuki Honma Producer : Kazunari Yamanaka Director : Isshin Inudo Original : Screenplay : Yukiko Yamamuro Production : Kyoko Kitahara Music : Suguru Matsutani Production : Toho
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The three characters of baseball team pitcher Kazuya aiming at Koshien, twin brother Tatsuya, and heroine Minami, who is a childhood friend, are interwoven together to describe the bittersweet and heartbreaking days.
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Keita Saito Rikiya Kawaguchi Shinsuke Hiratsuka Fuma Uehara Nozomi Ando Chinatsu Wakatsuki Fukushi Seiji Jun Fubuki Hajime Yamazaki Yu Tokui Ko Takasugi Tetsu Watanabe Tomoko Ikuta Hirotaro Honda Fumiyo Kohinata Shin Takuma Mitsuru Adachi Masami Nagasawa Mitsuru Adachi Takahiro Tsutai Masami Nagasawa Shota Saito