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Japanese title: アニメDVD ∀ガンダム MEMORIAL BOX 全2BOXセット
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Item number: 128028250
Released date: 22 Jun 2007
Media: DVD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

【Recording time】
629 min

【Screen size】

【Limited media content】
Initial shipping limit

【Special specification content

Picture disc


【Enclosure Benefits】
Explanation / Luxury Storage Box: Atsushi Shigeta Illustration Illustration / Digipak: Yoshihito Hishinuma & Atsushi Shigeta Drawing Panorama Illustration Jacket / "EMOTION 25th Anniversary Masterpiece, Jaco Buying Campaign" Target Products
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Non Telop OP & ED "Turn A Turn" "AURA" "CENTURY COLOR" "Moon's Cocoon"

【Cast Member List】
General Director Original: Yoshihisa Tomino Character Draft: Yasuda Akira Character Setting: Yoshihito Hishinuma Mechanical Design: Kunio Ogawara / SYD MEAD / Shigeta Atsushi / Sakura Takumi Music: Kanno Yoko Voice Appearance: Park Yumi / Takahashi Rieko / Murata Akino / Atsugu Aoba / Toru Inada / Ai Aiba / Ai Kobayashi / Kumiko Watanabe / KITO NORIKO / Sato Seshji / Kayasu Takehito / Riku Nishiki / Yasuhiko Kawatsu
Will Gem take off < Episode 26 Battle of Enlightenment Dawn of the Midnight Entrusted Things Two of Soleil <30th Episode> Holding on Your Chest Pursuit! Crybaby Po The King of Myths Maneuverish Capture Flight! Stratosphere Zach Traker <36th Episode> Michia Space Battle 37th episode> Gate of the Moon World <38th episode> Battle God Ginganam <39th episode> Asteroid Explosion <40th episode> Battle of the Moon Battle Decision <42nd> Turn X Start < 43 episode> black history of shock enemy, new <45 th episode> Negro no Nguyen (46th episode) Again, to the earth <47th episode> Ginganam attack Diana return <49 Talk> Moonlight butterfly <50 story> Golden Fall

【7 sheets】

【Video comment】
I secretly descended to the earth from the moon, live happily The boy Rolan who was. He caught up in the war between the moon and the earth, got into the old-time mobile suits ... .... The last Gundam work of the 20th century, said to be most popular in love with love in the series.

【Production Country】