Collection Card (Male) / Closed Room Guide 2011 ① : Cali Gari / Hidehito Ishii / The Secret of Hidehito Ishii ① / Cali Gari #7 10 thcaliversary GIG "Shintsuyu no Outdoors ~ Revival Do? ~" Compared to Yano University of Foreign Studies Ongakudo / Closed-room Illustrated Guide 2011 Edition

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Japanese title: コレクションカード(男性)/密室図鑑 2011年度版 ①:cali≠gari/石井秀仁/石井秀仁の秘密①/cali≠gari #7 10thcaliversary GIG 「真梅雨の野外~再起Do?~」比谷野外大音楽堂/密室図鑑 2011年度版
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Item number: GG745104