Book (Practical) Essays and essays On Elon Musk / Walter Isaacson

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Japanese title: 単行本(実用) エッセイ・随筆 イーロン・マスク 上 / ウォルター・アイザックソン
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Item number: BO3996455
Released date: 12 Sep 2023
A translation: 井口耕二

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

Essay and Essay : Steve Jobs, the World's Best Selling 『 : A Biography of the World's Best Seller : Steve Jobs 』 : A Biography of the World's Most Fascinating and Most Controversial Innovators in the World. He was an open-minded visionary who led the world into the era of electric cars, civil space development and artificial intelligence. He recently acquired Twitter. Elon Musk was often bullied as a child in South Africa. He was pressed down by a concrete staircase, kicked in the head and swelled his face. He was admitted to the hospital for a week. But his wounds are nothing compared to the emotional wounds he suffered from his father, Errol Musk. His father, who is an engineer, is often obsessed with self-indulgent fantasies, and he is hardly perfect. He is still a headache for Elon. It is said that he stood up for an hour after returning from the hospital and scolded him as a fool and a. He is still influenced by his father. He grew up to be a tough, vulnerable, childlike man, and a child-like man, who took unthinkable risks and asked for ups and downs. He also had a grand mission to save the Earth and evolve us into a space-traveling species, and he pushed ahead with that mission with an extraordinary focus that was said to be cold and sometimes catastrophic. When SpaceX launched 31 rockets into orbit, Tesla sold a million, and ended the year in which he became the richest man in the world, Musk said he wanted to do something about his disruptive nature. "We have to do something about crisis mode. We have been in crisis mode for 14 years. No, we can say it almost forever." This is why he has been secretly buying up shares of Twitter, the world's best playground. When he walks in the dark, he remembers being bullied in the playground. He has a chance to own the playground. 2022