Book (Practical) Biological sciences and general biology Autobiography of Taro MAKINO Autobiography

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Japanese title: 単行本(実用) 生物科学・一般生物学 新訂 牧野富太郎自叙伝
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Biological Science and General Biology
[Introduction to the Contents]
This book is the autobiography of Makino Tomitaro, an unheard-of botanist who is called "the father of Japanese botany". It is a newly revised edition of the autobiography of 『 Makino Tomitaro 』, published by Nagashima Shobo in 1956 and republished by kodansha Gakujutsu Bunko in 2004. Born in 1862 at the end of the Edo period in Sakawa-cho, Takaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture, he was born into a wealthy merchant family. Until he died at the age of 94 in 1957 (1957), he pursued his ambition to make a Japanese flora (Botanical Journal) by himself. It is a dramatic story. This book is a masterpiece of autobiography that focuses on the relationship between plants and Tomitaro from his childhood to his later years.
In order to allow a wide range In "Nokan-dan" (A Discussion of Nature), there is an episode between Ogai and Tomitaro. Ogai questioned "which trees in Chinese poems correspond to today's trees?", but in the end he could not solve it by himself, so he sent a letter to Tomitaro asking for an inquiry. The story appears in two chapters (sections) of Ogai's longest history book, "『 Izawa Ranken 』." In the newly revised edition, we introduced the full text of the corresponding chapter into modern language. Born in the same year (1862), you can enjoy unexpected interaction between the two!
Part I : Autobiography of Tomitaro MAKINO
The Land of Yuran
Challenges to botany at Tokyo University
His main work, "『 Makino, Japanese Plant Guide 』," has been revised repeatedly up to the present and has become a must-have book for researchers and lovers over time. 1884 1893 1912 400000 1500 1884 1943 1862 Makino Botanical Garden 圖鑑 衛子 Konko Pickled Radish Sakawa-cho 『 』 Takaoka-gun botany botany botany Sagawa 赭鞭 Ogai Mori Ogai Mori Theligonum japonicum