Dole Midnight Spell 「 Neo Blythe 」 Limited to CWC

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: ドール ミッドナイトスペル 「ネオブライス」 CWC限定
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Item number: 990004771
Released date: 30 Oct 2010
Maker: Tomy

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

Product description ■ Oh, my God! It's twelve o'clock. The dreamy ball is over. We have to get back to reality.
Will the prince remember me forever? Or is everything today a dream?
Even after twelve o'clock, when the dreamy ball is over and he comes back to reality, he will surely go to find her out for the glass shoes. The gentle 『 Midnight Spell 』.
『 Midnight Spell 』 chose an elegant pale pink romantic princess line dress for the ball.
The top of the dress is decorated with pink and blue blades, blue satin ribbon and original rose buttons, and the cuffs are decorated with tulle lace and small ribbon.
The princess line skirt with a slightly long hem at the back is an ivory with a stripe weave. Attention has been paid to the delicate lace, the blades made of the same fabric, and the pleats on the hem.
The pale pink weave is beautiful, and the over-skirt of the pink and blue blade adds gorgeousness.
The inner has a tulle wine basket. The silhouette of the princess dress can be expressed clearly.
Then if you put a tiara on your head, you'll have a lovely princess. This is the first new type of tiara.
The princess is also romantic inside ♪ Midnight Spell wears a seven part length drawer in the underwear.
Of course, the shoes are combined with high heels with glitter in the image of glass shoes.
The worrisome makeup uses olive green for eye shadow and pink for cheek and lip.
And as time, as a new makeup specification, the upper lip of the lip is slightly dark pink and the lower lip is slightly pale pink, changing the color of the top and bottom of the lip.
Due to this specification, the pink-based light makeup has a three dimensional look around the mouth, creating a slightly mature feminine look ♪
The eyes are all in special colors. The new color blue (front) has a hollow inside.
This is attempt this time is another one! The special brown eyelash has a gentle nuance.
My hairstyle was long, permed hair with bangs. The bright yellow-tinged blond hair looks good on the pale color dress.
The face type is Radience and the skin type is white skin. The stand is light pink and the pole is gold.
[Product Details]
Face Type : Radius
Skin Type : White Skin
Eye Shadow : Olive Green
Lip : Pink
Cheek Color : Pink
Aica Color : Purple (Right When Facing), Green (Left When Facing), Yellow Brown (Front), Blue (Front / With Hollow) * All Special Colors
Hair Color : Yellow-Stained Blonde
Eyelashes Default
Eyelids Default
Earring : Yes (Pink)
Manicure : Yes (Pink)
Set Contents : Doll Body, ONE PIECE (Pink x Blue x Cream), wine basket (White), Tiara (Cream), Socks (Clear / Glitter), Drawers (White), Pierce x 2 (Pink), Stand
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