Kuniraku Blu-ray Disc Hatsune Miku / Magical Mirai 2013 [Limited Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 邦楽Blu-ray Disc 初音ミク / マジカルミライ2013[限定版]
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Item number: 438001046
Released date: 19 Feb 2014
Media: Blu-ray
Appearance: 初音ミク
Appearance: OSTER project
Appearance: 40mP
Appearance: すこっぷ
Appearance: HoneyWorks
Appearance: ピノキオP
Appearance: PolyphonicBranch
Appearance: Neru
Appearance: 八王子P
Appearance: 鏡音リン
Appearance: kz
Appearance: DECO*27
Appearance: 鏡音レン
Appearance: 巡音ルカ
Appearance: KAITO
Appearance: MEIKO
Appearance: livetune
Appearance: sasakure.UK
Appearance: wowaka
Appearance: ゆよゆっぺ
Appearance: KEI
Appearance: keeno
Appearance: Mitchie M
Appearance: ryo

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

1 BD + 1 DVD set

Recorded the pattern of Hatsune Miku "Magical Live 2013" which was held on August 30, 2013 in the serious area of ​​Yokohama Arena.

Hatsune Miku celebrates its 6th anniversary on August 31st. The day before that, the biggest stage ever, "Magical Mirai 2013" was held.

Enjoy Miku's performance in various costumes with a narrow stage!

[Recording time]
150 minutes

[Screen size]

[Audio information]
[1] Japanese (PCM)・ Japanese (DTS-HD / 5.1) [2] Japanese

[Subtitle Information]
[1] Japanese

[Limited Edition Contents]
Limited initial shipment

[Group name]
Hatsune Miku Magical Mirai

[Enclosed privilege contents]
[2] Special disc (DVD) / Live pamphlet package ver. (over 50p) / Miku Origami Package ver./CHRIS-designed Mikata spine BOX / KEI-designed jacket

[Video privilege contents] <2> "Magical Mirai 2013" Marutto! Special Edition <

[List of performers]
Starring: Rin Kagamine / Len Kagamine / Luka Megurine / KAITO / MEIKO

[List of Contents] <1> (1) Sweet Devil (Hachioji P) (2) Two-dimensional dream fever (Polyphonic Branch) (3) Cat food (doriko) (4) Karakuri clown (40 mP) (5) Ordinary world (Pinocchio P) (6) Animal divination (6) Cop) (7) Deep Sea Girl (Yuyu) (8) Hello, Worker (KEI) (9) erase or zero (Crystal P) (10) Piano x Forte x Scandal (OSTER project) (11) Sukikirai (Honey Works) ( (12) shake it! (Emon) (13) Weekend Girl (kz (livetune) × Hachioji P) (14) FREELY TOMORROW (Mitchie M) (15) Last Night, Good Night (Re: Dialed) (livetune) (16) Leia (17) Tokyo Teddy Bear (Neru) (18) Unhappy Refrain (wowaka) (19) glow (keeno) (20) Tell Your World (livetune) (21) 39 (sasakure.UK x DECO * 27) (22) ODDS & ENDS (ryo (supercell)) 〈encore〉 (23) 1 / 6-out of the gravity- (Bokakari Odo P (noa)) (24) Yumeyume (DECO * 27) [2] Bonus Disc


[Video Comment]
“Virtual Idol” Hatsune Miku held at Yokohama Arena on August 30, 2013 The event is recorded. On the memorable night, the eve of the 6th birth, I am fascinated by the performance of various "modules (costumes)" and gorgeous productions.

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