TRON: Original × Legacy Blu-ray Set [Limited Time]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: トロン:オリジナル×レガシー ブルーレイセット[期間限定]
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Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording time]
221 minutes

[screen size]

[voice information]
[1] English (DTS-HD / 5.1), Japanese (DTS-HD / 5.1) [2] English (DTS-HD / 7.1), Japanese (DTS-HD / 7.1)

[subtitle information]
Japanese, English, dubbed

【Limited board content】
Limited time delivery

Special specification contents
Picture disc

[Disclosed benefits contents]
Disc for digital copy / e-moveTM
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【Video benefits】
[1] About the tron ​​phenomenon / Trajectory of "Tron" seen in photos / Audio commentary / Classic bonus feature: Creation, digital image / making of "Tron" : Music, Publicity, Unreleased scene, Design, Storyboard / Interactive Art Gallery / [2] 20 years of blank: Flynn has been alive / The Walt Disney Company Second Screen / The Walt Disney Company Second・ About the screen / The Walt Disney Company XD animation series "Tron: Rising" trailer / To the world of Tron again / About cast / Cheering recording @ comic convention / music video ♪ Diled by Daft Punk / "Tron: Legacy of the world" <

[List of Performers]
[1] Production Conductor: Ron Miller Director: Sty Von Rizzberger Special Effects: Harrison Ellenshaw / Richard Taylor Music: Wendy Carlos Starring: Jeff Bridges / Bruce Box Laytonr [2] Production Conductor: Donald Kushner Production: Shaun Bailey / Jeffrey Silver / Steven Risberger Director: Joseph Kozinski Screenplay: Edward Kitzis / Adam Horovitz Photography Director: Claudio Dioranda Music Director: Jason Bentley Original Music: Daft Punk Starring: Jeff Bridges / Garrett Hedland / Olivia Wild / Michael ・ Scene / Beau ・ Galette / Bruce ・ Box Reitner Voice appearances: Tsutomu Isobe / Daisuke Hirakawa / Yuka Komatsu / Shinya Enomoto / Yuko Kaida / Yoshitaka Otsuka
[1] TRON [2] TRON: レSea

2 sheets

[video Comment]
The Walt Disney Company sends SF fantasy "Tron" series. Includes two works released in 1982: Tron: Original and 2010: Tron: Legacy. You can experience the image of a threat representing the virtual world in your computer.

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