MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED DESTINY HD Remaster Complete Blu-ray Box [special limited edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメBlu-ray Disc 機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY HDリマスター Complete Blu-ray BOX [特装限定版]
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Item number: 428069962
Released date: 28 Jul 2023
Media: Blu-ray
Voice appearance: 関俊彦
Voice appearance: 桑島法子
Voice appearance: 高橋広樹
Voice appearance: 坂本真綾
Voice appearance: 子安武人
Voice appearance: 森田成一
Voice appearance: 諏訪部順一
Voice appearance: 杉田智和
Voice appearance: 石田彰
Voice appearance: 折笠富美子
Voice appearance: 田中理恵
Voice appearance: 保志総一朗
Voice appearance: 野島健児
Voice appearance: 鈴村健一
Musics: 佐橋俊彦
Original work: 富野由悠季

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording Time]
1240 minutes
[Screen Size]
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[Limited Edition]
[Special Specifications]
HD Remaster
[Group Name]
[Special Bonus]
Archive Booklet / MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SOLD DESTINY ILLUSTRATION BOOK-100 memories - / Special Booklet / Character Director Design / Hirai Hisatsukasa & Chief Mechanical Producer / Satoshi Shigeta Drawn Storage Box / Hirai Hisatsukasa Drawn Digi Stack Jacket
* If there is no description of "First Time" in the title, the first 02 (Houko Kuwashima, Shigeru Morita
[List of performers]
Production / Planning : Sunrise Director : Yukio Fukuda Original : Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Tomino Series Composition : Chiaki Ryozawa, Chief Mechanic Design : Kunio Ogawara, Kimitoshi Yamane, Chief Mechanic Design : Satoshi Hirai, Chief Mechanic Design : Akiko Shigeta, Chief Cinematographic Design : Akiko Ikeda, Chief Cinematographic Design : Akiko Shigeta, Chief Cinematographic Design : Yukiko Ikeda, Chief Cinematographic Design : Yukiko Tsuzurayama, Chief Cinematographic Design : Yukiko Fujino, Chief Cinematographic Design : Yukiko Nojiri, Chief Cinematographic Design : Akiko Sahashi, Chief Cinematographic Design : Akiko Shibata, 40. PHASE-40> The Will of Gold <41. PHASE-42> Freedom and Justice and <42. PHASE-43> Voices of Counterattack [11] <43. PHASE-44> Two Lovers <44. PHASE-45> Prelude of Transformation <45. PHASE-46> Song of Truth <46. PHASE-47> Mia [12] <47. PHASE-48> To New World <48. PHASE-49> Ray <49. PHASE-50> Last Force <50. FINAL PHASE> Chosen Future
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02 02 03 03 04 04 05 05 06 06 2013 07 07 08 08 09 09 2004 2013 01 01 02 01 01 FATES Souten イグナイテッド Character Koyasu ヴェスティージ Nagisa Maaya Sakamoto Mami Koyama Houko Kuwashima Shuichi Ikeda Hisatsukasa Goushi Soichiro Hoshi Rie Tanaka Naomi Shindo