Anime Blu-ray Disc Ojamajo Doremi # Blu-ray BOX

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Japanese title: アニメBlu-ray Disc おジャ魔女どれみ♯(しゃーぷっ) Blu-ray BOX
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Item number: 428062299
Released date: 08 Jan 2020
Maker: Happinet
Media: Blu-ray
Voice appearance: 宍戸留美
Voice appearance: 大谷育江

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording time]
1183 minutes

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[Special specifications]
Picture Disc/HD Digital Remaster
[Group name]
Ojamajo Doremi
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Window empty three-sided case / Newly drawn Digi stack case 2 types/Special CD/Special booklet
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[Video privilege contents]
Non-credit opening "Ojamajo is here"/Non-credit ending "Keep your voice"
[List of performers]
Series Director: Takuya Igarashi / Shigeyasu Yamauchi Original: Izumi Toudo Manga: Shizue Takanashi Series composition: Takashi Yamada Character concept design: Yoshihiko Magoshi Music: Keiichi Oku Voice: Chiemi Chiba / Tomoko Akiya / Yuki Matsuoka / Rumi Shishido / Ishige Sawa, Ikue Otani, Naomi Nagasawa (Nanazawa Nagano), Megumi Takamura, Yuka Tokumitsu, Akira Mizuki, Yuko Saito
[List of Contents]
Becoming a Mom!? Episode 2> Raising a baby is very difficult! Don't fall asleep! Pop's apprenticeship test Doromi is disqualified as a mom! Goodbye Oyajeide Hanai's daisy flower words Hana's health checkup Over time, look for the secret of Onbu mom! Find herbs! MAHO Do Bus Trip > High school student Aiko is a “running girl”!? Learn Hazuki-chan dance!? Yellow card for health checkup! Becoming a bride? Pop's first love? Admiration Junichi-sensei! Mother's Day and mother's paintings The first high-high!? Harukafuie, Dai Panic Hana's high-high Screening Dodo ran away from home!! Doremi and Hazuki's big genre Meet my mother! Aiko tears reunion Majodon who is a human being Harp Witch of the Wizard-Oyajide is back! Take Hana back with a new force! Raise Pan Power! Mysterious young boy Akatsuki appears! Kanae's diet operation Harp and important memories of the northern country A targeted health checkup Everyone disappeared due to spoiling! ? Seki sensei has a lover!? Join FLAT4 from the Land of Wizards! Tonkoke Pyu! Dodo's transformation All excursions High cheese! Takoyaki has the same taste as the eponymous Aim for the top at the athletic meet! Aiko is a rival! Sports match !! Hana-chan also pops Pumi is under test Hazuki is a superintendent Commander! A mad and selfish child A piano comes over to the Harukaze family! Catching up with Onpu! The road to an idol! A witch who does not use magic Hana-chan is a classmate!? Happy White Christmas Ojamajo period drama, girl only ambition! Last medical examination Mama protects Hana-chan! Return Hana-chan! Magical Battle Hana-chan will die!? Goodbye Hana-chan Newly recorded special drama
[Number of sheets]
6 sheets
[Video comment]
The second installment of the Heisei's representative magical girl anime "Ojamajo Doremi" series is put in a box. Doremi, who returned from being a witch to a human in the last episode of the previous season, will once again be a witch apprentice and take care of a magical baby for a year...
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