Mao Yu Demon King Brave 2 [First Press Limited Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: まおゆう魔王勇者 2[初回限定版]
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Item number: 428005044
Released date: 17 Apr 2013
Maker: Pony canyon
声優: 小清水亜美
声優: 福山潤
声優: 斎藤千和
声優: 戸松遥
声優: 東山奈央
声優: 沢城みゆき
声優: 神谷浩史
directed by: 高橋丈夫
Original work: 橙乃ままれ
Series configuration: 荒川稔久
Character Design: 工藤昌史
Voice appearance: 小清水亜美
Voice appearance: 福山潤
Voice appearance: 斎藤千和
Voice appearance: 戸松遥
Voice appearance: 東山奈央
Voice appearance: 沢城みゆき
Voice appearance: 神谷浩史
Voice appearance: 福圓美里
Voice appearance: 銀河万丈
Voice appearance: 平川大輔
Color design: 佐野ひとみ
Musics: はまたけし

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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[Recording time]
48 minutes

[Screen size]

[Audio information]

[Group Name]
Mao Yuu Maou Brave

[Enclosed Bonus Contents]
Treasure Version Picture Collection x 2 (First Time Only) / Color Leaflet / Reading Theater "Night Part" Priority Purchase Entry ticket (first time only) / Comicalized artists' alignment! Clear postcard (illustration for samurai wallpaper) x 5 (first time only) / SD character coaster x 5 (first time only)
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[Video benefits]
Special! Maoyu Maid Radio α / Chapter 3 Audio Commentary / Non-telop OP & Non-telop ED

[List of Performers]
Production: Arms Director: Takeo Takahashi Original: Mamare Tono Series composition: Masahisa Arakawa Character design: Masafumi Kudo / Hiroaki Tsuji Art director: Toshihiro Komine Color setting: Hitomi Aoki Acoustic design: Hitomi Sano Sound director: Toshiki Kameyama Music: HAMA TAKESHI Voice Appearance: Ami Koshimizu / Jun Fukuyama / Chiwa Saito / Haruka Tomatsu / Nao Higashiyama / Miyuki Sawagi / Hiroshi Kamiya / Misato Fukuhama / Manga Ginga / Daisuke Hirakawa

“How long have you been walking around ?!” “If that happens, I will bite the hero”


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