Anime Blu-ray Disc Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Theatrical Version Blu-ray Box [Limited Time Only]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメBlu-ray Disc 機動戦士Zガンダム 劇場版 Blu-ray BOX[期間限定]
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Item number: 428003153
Released date: 25 May 2012
Media: Blu-ray
声優: 池田秀一
Draft: 矢立肇
Character Design: 安彦良和
Production: 松尾衡
Musics: 三枝成彰

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[Recording time]
297 minutes

[screen size]

[voice information]
(5.1), (PCM / 4.0)

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【Limited board content】
Limited time delivery

【Special specification content】
Digital processing by "aging"

[Group name]

Encapsulation bonus contents
Theater brochure (shrinking edition) x 3 / Postcard x 3 / Commentary (16P All colors) x 3 / Nao Onda & Nakamori sentence drawn special storage BOX

[Video bonus contents]
[1] ~ [3] special report / theater trailer

[performer list]
[1] Production / Planning: Sunrise Production: General director Yoshihiro Yoshii Director, Original, Screenplay, Storyboard: Tomino Yoshihiro Draft: Aya Yadate Character Design: Yoshikazu Yasuhiko Mechanical Design: Kunio Ogawara / Ikki Fujita Character Drawing Director: Hisada Onda Art director: Junichi Azuma / Masatoshi Kai Ease: Megumi Naruaki Voice appearance: Ikeda Hidekazu / Tobida Tetsuo / Furuya Toru / Suzuoki Hirotaka / Okamoto Masako / Katsuo Masako / Arai Satomi / Inoue Kazuhiko / Inoue Kazuhiko / Goto Daisuke / Shimada Toru [2] Production and Planning: Sunrise Production: Yoshii Takayuki Producer : Matsumura Soichi / Kubo Sogo, director, original, script, storyboard: Tomino Yoshiki Draft: Yadate Satoshi Character design: Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Mechanical design: Ohkawara Kunio / Fujita Ikki Drawing director: Onda Hisashi / Shigeta Shigeshi / Nakajima Toshihiro / Nakamori Fu / Seiichi Nakatani Art Director: Masatoshi Kai Photo Director: Satoshi Kibe Digital Color Design: Kazuki Suzukita Sound Director: Tomoyoshi Fujino Music: Narumi Mie Performed by Voice: Tetsuo Tobita / Hidekazu Ikeda / Toru Furuya / Hirotaka Suzuki / Yukana Chizuru / Kawamura Mania / Okamoto Masaki / Katsuo Masako / Namikawa Daisuke / Arai Satomi / Inoue Kazuhiko / Shimada Toru / Shimada Ryoko / Kuwahara Ryoko [3] Production / Planning: Sunrise Production: Yoshii Takayuki Producer: Matsumura Ryoichi / Kubo Satoshi / Hara・ Screenplay ・ Picture Conte: Tomino Yoshiki Drafts: Yazaki Atsushi Character Design: Yasuhiko Yoshikazu Mechanical Design: Ogawara Kunio / Fujita Ikki Character Drawing Director: Onda Naoyuki Mechanical Drawing Director: Nakamori Bun Art Director: Kai Masatoshi Photo Director: Saori Kibe Digital Color design: Suzukita Kako Acoustic director: Fujino Tadayoshi Music: Tada Toshio / Ikeda Hideo / Ikeda Hidekazu / Shimada Toru / Shimada Ryoko / Kuwahara Kazuko / Inoue Kazuhiko / Okamoto Masaki / Katsuo Masako / Kosugi Jiro / Namikawa Daisuke / Satoshi Arai

[List of contents]
[1] Mobile Suit Z Gundam-[Successor]-[2] Mobile Suit Z Gundam II-Lovers-[3] Mobile Suit Z Gundam III-The Beat of a Star is Love -

3 pieces

[Video comment]
TV series that began in March '85 as a sequel to "First Gundam" by Yoshino Tomino. A man with a nickname of red comet Shaa and the after of a sharpened boy Amuro are depicted.