MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD Remaster Blu-ray Box 3 [First Press Limited]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメBlu-ray Disc 機動戦士ガンダムSEED HDリマスター Blu-ray BOX 3[初回限定版]
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Item number: 428002812
Released date: 21 Sep 2012
Media: Blu-ray
Original work: 矢立肇
Original work: 富野由悠季
Character Design: 平井久司
Musics: 佐橋俊彦

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

BD3 Pack
[Recording Time]
306 Minutes
[Screen Size]
[Audio Information]
[Limited Edition Contents]
First Shipment Only
[Special Contents]
HD Remaster
[Group Name]
Mobile Suit Gundam
[Enclosed Special Benefit Contents]
Special Booklet (52P) / Special Jacket Specifications & Special Storage Box (Illustration : Character Actor Ver. by Hisashi Hirai and Mecha Ver. by Satoshi Shigeta)
* If the title does not indicate the 「 first time 」, the first time of [enclosed benefit contents] is not covered by the warranty. Please be aware before purchasing.
[Video Benefit Contents]
ANIME MUSIC CLIP-Director's Concept - 「 Mizu no Sho 」 / Non-Telop OP 「 Believe 」 / Audio Commentary / Chief Mecha Sakugen / Shigeta Chiu on This Change! MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM SEED HD Remaster / Non-Telop ED 「 Distance 」
[Performer List]
Production / Planning : Director Sunrise : Mitsuo Fukuda Original Text : Hajime Yatate / Yoshiyuki Tomino Series Composition : Chiaki Morosawa Character Design : Hisashi Hirai Mechanic Design : Kunio Okawara / Kimitoshi Yamane Chief Mecha Sakugen : Shigemi Ikeda director of audiography : Yasuo Urakami Music : Toshihiko Sahashi Appearance : Soichiro Hoshi / Akira Ishida / Rie Tanaka / / List of Contents
[1] (Chapter 27) Endless Wabu (Chapter 28) Kira (Chapter 29) Sora no Wedge (Chapter 30) (Chapter 31) The Hour of Light [2] (Chapter 32) The Land of Promise (Chapter 33) The Womb of Darkness (Chapter 34) The Tip of Gaze (Chapter 35) (Chapter 36) The Sword That Flies Down (Chapter) Under the Name of Justice (Chapter 37) The Path of God (Chapter 38) Determined Cannon Fire
[Number of Shots]
[Video comment]
This is a TV animation series of TBS that was aired 50 times from 2002 to 2003. 3 Megumi Toyoguchi Ryotaro Okiayu Naomi Shindo Kotono Mitsuishi Takehito Koyasu Toshihiko Seki Houko Kuwashima Tomokazu Seki Akira Sasanuma Mami Matsui C. E. In the 70 s (fictional era), the story is set in a war between the Earth Coalition Forces, representing Nature, and Zaft, representing Co-ordinators.
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