Demon King [Regular Edition]

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 魔王 [通常版]
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Item number: 136005310
Released date: 09 Jan 2009
Media: DVD
Screenplay: 前川洋一
Screenplay: 西田征史
Production: 加藤新
Production: 坪井敏雄
Musics: 澤野弘之
Appearance: 大野智
Appearance: 生田斗真
Appearance: 小林涼子
Appearance: 田中圭
Appearance: 忍成修吾
Appearance: 脇知弘
Appearance: 上原美佐
Appearance: 清水優
Appearance: 吉瀬美智子
Appearance: 劇団ひとり
Appearance: 三宅裕司
Appearance: 石坂浩二

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

8-Disc (Main part * 6 + Benefits * 2)

■ Benefits
Three-way Back BOX

[Recording time]
783 minutes

Screen Size] [1] ~ [6] wide [7] [8] standard

【Enclosed benefits contents】
[7] [8] bonus disc
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[Video benefits]
[7] The truth of the "end" seen by bookmarks-The end of sad revenge-/ Making collection, super enlarged version Unexpected face and shooting secret stories full of! / Directors Cut version (1st episode, 11th episode) / exclusive! P adheres to the crank up !! Thoughts to "Maou" Oono · Ikuta talks over / SPOT complete works / complete previews / non-credit · title back / "Devil" Revelations of memories / [8] Devils Gathering! "Production announcement of Crimson" that whole story !! / devil · fan meeting in Akasaka Sakasu / super secret! Launch VTR from the non-outgoing NG collection to crank up a single public show! Dora Nabi full version / cast interview full version Unreleased talk amusement !! / bonus 1: who is the true devil !? / bonus 2: Ryoko Krisichi "" !! Tarot card reveals the future !!

[List of Performers]
Producer: Takahashi Masataka Director: Kato Arata / Tsuboi Toshio Screenplay: Maekawa Yoichi / Nishida Masashi Ease: Hiroyuki Sawano Cast: Satoshi Ohno / Toma Ikuta / Ryoko Kobayashi / Satoshi Tanaka / Shusuke Ninari / Michio Uehara / Makoto Kuwahara / Yu Shimizu / Motoi Iida / Hisashi Higashi Ne / Michiko Yoshise / A theater company alone / Yuji Miyake / Koji Ishizaka

[Contents list]
[1] ~ [6] ~ [7] [8] bonus disc

[Number 】

Remake of the Korean-style suspense drama with the double starring of Johnny Ono and Satoshi Ikuta, called "Angel's lawyer" Naruse's identity is a revengeant who aims at a group of criminals who killed his younger brother.The detective Serizawa challenges his case ....