Judo Straight Line DVD-BOX (2) Limited Edition (5 Disc Set)

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Japanese title: 柔道一直線 DVD-BOX(2) [初回生産限定版]
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Item number: 136004215
Released date: 21 Jun 2007
Maker: Toei
Media: DVD
Producer: 平山亨
directed by: 小林恒夫
directed by: 折田至
directed by: 奥中惇夫
directed by: 田口勝彦
Original work: 梶原一騎
Original work: 永島慎二
Screenplay: 佐々木守
Screenplay: 上原正三
Appearance: 吉沢京子
Appearance: 青木和子
Appearance: 名古屋章
Appearance: 倉田保昭
Appearance: 近藤正臣
Appearance: 佐々木剛
Appearance: 千葉真一
Appearance: 田中正樹

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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764 minutes

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Picture Disc / Component Master
Judo Straight Line

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Judo Straight Line Explanation Book (24P)

[[Video bonus contents]
'70 Natsu Toei Manga Festival "Judo Ichi Straight Line" / Alumni (Actors: Kenichi Kashiwagi, Kyoko Yoshizawa, Hideo Takamatsu, Nobuyuki Ishida, Takeshi Sasaki) / Theater Notice

< Performers list]
Original work: Kazuki Sugahara / Shinji Nagashima Cast: Sakuragi Kenichi / Yoshizawa Kyoko / Takamatsu Hidero / Maki Tokuyoshi / Aoki Kazuko / Nagoya Akira / Nagoya Akira / Kurata Yasuaki / Kondo Masaomi / Sasaki Takeshi / Chiba Shin'ichi <
[List of contents]
[1] Black punch of fear Duel susumihara < The dragon of the second judo club Two-stage throwing Against Rock Breaker Episode 36: Two-stage tearing of a man's tears! Episode 37: One arm of friendship Negative [2] 技 Episode 38 Great skill 恐 39 39 39 直 Naoya and the Dragon and the Wind Festival 第 40 40 鬼 鬼 〈41 41 鷲 鷲 第 第 第 第 42 と と と と と と と と と第 Episode 43: Special Move Phoenix [3] 第 Episode 44 京 勝 勝 第 Episode 45 鳥 Bird of fire 翼 翼 も 第 Episode 46 の Demon Judo 柔 Episode 47 に 荒 荒Standing 第 Episode 48 虎 虎 第 49 49 49 必 上 4 4 [4]〉 50 大 Gogo Temple Tigers 上 〈第 51〉 go! Friend! 第 Episode 52 さ Come! Great temple 第 第53 episodes: The hell car of fear 〈Episode 54 桜 Sakuragaoka black belt five 話 Episode 55 車 Return the car Judo Swan [5] 第 Episode 56 決 Duel ・ 鷹 シ ャ ー 第 話 大 Episode ハ リ A major skill hurricane 第 episode 陸58 episodes] Clash! Crying mikippe Fighting spirit! Judo double header Final battle! A turn to Akatsuki U-turn Special Move · Kick off to Hiryu

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[Video comment]
Released over 1969-71 Is, monument of sports roots drama that became a national popular program. Takeshi Sakuragi's protagonist, Naoya Ijyo, masters bold techniques such as "Hell Car" and "Vacuum Toss", and is active in aiming for the best in the world of Judo.

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