Overseas TV DVD Castle Mystery writer's NY case book Season 3 Compact BOX

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 海外TVドラマDVD キャッスル ミステリー作家のNY事件簿 シーズン3 コンパクトBOX
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Item number: 135013922
Released date: 24 Apr 2015
Media: DVD
Executive Producer: ロブ・ボウマン

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

13 pieces

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Three-sided back BOX

[recording time]
1027 minutes

[screen size]
[1] ~ [12] Vista [13] wide

[voice information]
[1] ~ [12] English (5.1), Japanese [13] English

[subtitle information] <
[1]-[12] for Japanese, English, Japanese [13] Japanese

[Special contents]
Picture disc

[group name]
Castle / Mystery writer's NY casebook

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[13] Benefits disc
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【Video Benefits】
[4] "Day Break-Deprived Tomorrow" Episode 1 / [8] "Detroit 1-8-7" Episode 1 / [11] "Revenge Season" 1 'Episode 1 / [12]' Body of Proof Corpus Testimony Season 1 'Episode 1 / [13] Mystery Writer's Idea / Castle & Beckett from NY to LA / Case Resolution Key: Whiteboard / NG Scene Collection / Music Video ♪ Get On The Floor / Unreleased scene (Castle's gaze, listening in jail, Blonde master, another reasoning, Tyler rescue, encounter an actress, two Beckett ?, trustworthy person, Beckett 'S father, for security, "temptation path" (long version), message on the answering machine, annoyance in the guards, poor timing)

[Cast list]
Production lead: Andrew · W. Marlow / Rob BOWMAN Starring: Nathan Hu Lion / Stana Katic / SUSAN SULLIVAN / Molly C. Quinn / Reuben / Santiago / Hudson / Tamara Jones / Seamus / Diever / John · Fuelus Cast voice: Kato Kato / Yuya Yuya / Sakai Yoshino / Hakai Mari / Ohara Masato / Hirano Nanako / Kikumoto Taira / Dosaka Kouzo
Criminal is Castle!? A psychic who foresaw death [2] Under the gun Steampunk murder case [3] Analysis of a certain murder 3XK [4] Secret of Stripper Underground Hiding Hero [5] Encounter with an Alien? Bar of Legend [6] Fake Becket Appears Killer Magic [7] Knockdown The tragedy of the lottery winner [8] Sword 15〉 classmate's sin エ ピ ソ ー ド episode 16 汚 い dirty bomb part 1 [9] エ ピ ソ ー ド episode 17 汚 い dirty bomb part 2 エ ピ ソ ー ド episode 18 昼 ド ラ 殺 [10] エ ピ ソ ー ド episode 19 秘密 secret full court エ ピ ソ ー ド episode 20 ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク New York Pizza War [11] Corpses Floating in the Pool Los Angeles Daisakusen Line [12] Miscon Murder Case Knockout [13] Reward Disc


A beauty woman detective Beckett who keeps following the mystery of mother's death, and an intelligent writer Castle who is a normal person but has excellent reasoning power. The third season of the fashionable mystery series that two people unfold. We can enjoy further development and love story.

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