Special effects DVD Kikaider 01 DVD Box

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 特撮DVD キカイダー01 DVD-BOX
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Item number: 129000860
Released date: 21 Jul 2005
Media: DVD
Original work: 石ノ森章太郎
Appearance: 池田駿介
Appearance: 伴大介
Appearance: 隅田和世
Appearance: 五島義秀
Appearance: 志穂美悦子
Appearance: 八名信夫
Appearance: 飯塚昭三
Screenplay: 曽田博久
Screenplay: 長坂秀佳
Screenplay: 押川國秋
Musics: 渡辺宙明

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

9-DVD Set

【Recording time】
1128 minutes

Screen size

[Limited Edition]
Initial shipment limited <

Picture disc / New print / Component master (Earth episode 31 and later component master)

[Group name]

【 Encapsulated bonus contents]
Commentary (48P)
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[Video benefits]
[9] Watanabe Kosuke, Ban Daisuke talk / Ikeda Keisuke, staff round-table talk / Ikeda Keisuke, Ban Daisuke, Iizuka Akira three round-table talks (from LD Kikaider Memorial) / I Word message (Akira Hirayama et al.) / Data file

Original: Shotaro Ishinomori Cast: Ikeda Keisuke / Kei Daisuke / Sumida Kazuyo / Gojima Yoshihide / Shiho Mikako / Yana Nobuo / Shozo Iizuka Narration: Okabe Masaaki

【Contents List】
[1] 第 Episode 1 Invincibility !! Android Zero One Birth !! 第 Episode 2 ハ Hakaider Four Stage Attack! Explosion Giant Devil's Secret Fear! The Mummy Man's Nitro Bomb [4] Big Boggar !! The Giant of Devil Launched History Android huge explosion !! Episode 19 キ ン グ King Indian's deadly spell !! 第 Episode 20 狂 シ ャ ド ウ 首 正 第 第 話 Episode 21 吸 blood of the hall Beautiful girls dormitory 恐怖 第 22 22 Story 本 Today's special class is murder training? [5] 第 Episode 23 ヒ ト devil's starfish woman 絶滅 人類 第 第 話 話 悪 魔 業 業 devil's work! 地球 ブ タ の 惑星 第 第 25〉 悪 魔 悪 魔 devil Zadamu Zum world base launch 第 Episode 26 Nanki 's death ド !! ダ ム ダ ム ダ ム ダ ム 第 Episode 27 27 激 激 秘 ダ ム 境 ザ ダ ム ダ ム ダ ム 第 28 Episode 28〉 Crazy city horror princess wreck of the frightened town [6] Red Demon blue Demon 10 billion V of fear 第 Episode 30 devil? Angel? Bijinda appeared 〈第 Episode 31 人 Android 32 ジ ン 爆 第 Episode 32 called call to hell ビ Episode 33 episode 33 child love gorilla 'S tears and tears Curse of the big clock jinda crisis [7] 振 Episode 35 振 振 ビ ジ ン 36 36 Episode 36〉 Four-dimensional の 恐怖 の 旅行 旅行 37 37 豪 豪 中 のThe warders who came from it 〈38 episodes of deadly death blood fight 3 巴! 第 Episode 39 強 宇宙 宇宙 第 第 40 40 40 脱出 脱出 escape !! frozen witness crisis 髪 8 8 41 41 41〉 Invincible air battleship large explosion 第 Episode 42 comrades 影 影 銃 銃 fireman fire 43 話 Episode 43 若 者 a young man who fell in love with 〈第 話 ジ ン 美 し く Bijin beautiful sad farewell 第 第 45 45 サ ム Samurai Walder You will die <46th episode> this good friend Android man universality! [9] bonus disc


[video comment]
1 The second edition of the popular series "Kikaider" broadcasted from May 973 to March 74 is a long-awaited complete DVD. Kikaider 01 confronts the Hakaider unit and the evil organization shadow. A dense android-style drama develops.

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