Fullmetal Alchemist BOX SET-ARCHIVES-[Limited Release]

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Japanese title: 鋼の錬金術師 BOX SET-ARCHIVES-[初回限定生産]
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Item number: 128990025
Released date: 28 Jan 2009
Maker: Aniplex
Original work: 橘正紀
Original work: 荒川弘
Production: 金子伸吾
Production: 安藤真裕
Production: うえだしげる
Production: 橋本昌和
Production: 安田賢司
Production: 大槻敦史
Production: 角田一樹
Screenplay: 井上敏樹
Screenplay: 高橋ナツコ
Screenplay: 大和屋暁
Screenplay: 會川昇
Musics: 大島ミチル

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

28 sheets (Main DVD*13+OVA DVD*1+Bonus DVD*3+Movie version DVD*3+Movie version BD*1+CD*7)
■ Enclosed Bonus
-180P Chronicle Book
-Official replica goods
-TV series program advertising B2 poster
-TV series DVD buyer limited brochure
-Festival Limited Alchemist's Pass 4 pieces set (with strap)
-Festival official B2 Poster
-Festival Official Program Script Brochure (partial excerpt)
-Theatrical version special nationwide special viewing ticket
-Theatrical version Advance viewing ticket purchaser privilege postcard set of 5
-Theatrical version film Posi
Theatrical version press kit
Theatrical version official B2 poster
Pinup drawn by Hiroshi Arakawa
Special DISC case (4 sets) & Mikata spine box
4 goods cases (3 paper cases, 1 hard cover case)
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[Screen size]
[1] ~ [13] [17] ~ [21] Standard [14] [16] Vista [15] Vista (some standard)
[Audio Information]
[1] ~ [13][15][18] Japanese (PCM) [14] Japanese (5.1)/Japanese [16] Audio Description 1/Audio Description 2[17][ 19] ~ [21] Japanese
[Subtitle Information] <14> English

[Limited Edition]
Other Limited

[Special Specifications] Contents]
[17]Blu-ray Disc
[Group name]
Fullmetal Alchemist
[Enclosed privilege contents]
[15][16][ 19][20][21] Bonus discs/bonus CDs (7 sheets)/CHRONICLE BOOK/BOX & CASE: Mikata spine box (4 special disc cases) (Cover illustration drawn by Yoshiyuki Ito)/OFFICIAL REPLICA GOODS: TV series (Official program advertisement B2 poster distributed only to related parties, Mr. Hiroshi Arakawa's four-frame comics and DVD commentary pamphlet with comments from staff), Fullmetal Alchemist FESTIVAL (Venue limited distribution Limited Alchemist's Pass All 4 types, venue limited) Official B2 poster, Tales of Anoteher official program script pamphlet (partial excerpt), theater version (nationwide special viewing ticket, 5 special postcards limited to advance viewing ticket purchasers, film positive carefully selected scenes, media) Press kits distributed only to related parties, official B2 posters distributed at each theater), illustrations and event application postcards drawn by Mr. Hiroshi Arakawa limited to boxes (BOX purchase limited event "Fullmetal Alchemist SPRING CARNIVAL '09 5,000 people will be invited by lottery)
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[Video privilege contents] <1> ~ [13] Comical 30-second trailer "Urahagane" / [15] THE MAKING ~ A miracle to complete the movie version Spell making / TALK SESSION ~Rakumi Park, Rie Kugimiya, Toru Okawa, Mizushima's roundtable discussion video / [16]AUDIO COMMENTARY ~ Production staff, cast & director 2 types recording / THEATER & TV TRAILER/SPECIAL: Exclusive 3min.Trailer/[ 19] English dubbed version of episodes 1, 25, and 51 broadcast in North America (with audio commentary welcoming luxury guests) / [20] For "Fullmetal Alchemist FESTIVAL-Tales of another story-" Director: Seiji Mizushima, Screenplay: Special video by Noboru Aikawa / TV series program spots and trailers for Japan, North and South America, Asia, etc.
[List of performers]
[ 1] ~ [13] Production: Bonds Director: Seiji Mizushima Original: Hiroshi Arakawa Story editor: Noboru Aikawa Character design: Yoshiyuki Ito Main animator: Koji Sugiura Production design: Shinji Aramaki Art design: Weiho Narita Chimera design: Junya Ishigaki Art Director: Kazuyuki Hashimoto Color Design: Shihoko Nakayama Director of Photography: Ryo Fukushi Acoustic Director: Masafumi Sanma Music: Michiru Oshima Voice Appearance: Rumi Park, Rie Kugimiya/ Miyoko Aso/Megumi Toyoguchi/Ryutaro Okiayu/Toru Okawa/Neya Michiko/Kenji Utsumi/Keiji Fujiwara/Yoshinori Matsumoto/Tomoyuki Shimura/Tetsu Shiratori/Takehiro Murono/Makoto Nagai/Hidekatsu Shibata/Yuko Sato/Yasuhiro Takato/Mayumi Yamaguchi/Kotono Mitsuishi/Satomi Takaromori/Yoshino Takamori [14][17] Director: Seiji Mizushima Original: Hiroshi Arakawa Story/Screenplay: Noboru Aikawa Character design/total director: Yoshiyuki Ito Mechanic design: Hitoshi Fukuchi Production design: Shinji Aramaki Art design: Weiho Narita Chimera design: Junya Ishigaki Art director: Hashimoto Wako Color Design: Shihoko Nakayama Director of Photography: Ryo Fukushi Acoustic Director: Masafumi Sanma Music: Michiru Oshima Voice Appearance: Rumi Park, Rie Kugimiya/ Megumi Toyoguchi/ Toru Okawa/ Kenji Utsumi/ Michiko Neya/ Miyoko Aso/ Masakazu Tsuka/ Shun Oguri / Ryo Oguri / Miyu Sawai / Kazuko Kato [18] Director: Seiji Mizushima Original: Hiroshi Arakawa Voices: Rumi Park / Rie Kugimiya / Megumi Toyoguchi / Toru Okawa / Kenji Utsumi
[1] A person who challenges the sun Contraindicated body [2] Mom ... Fortune of love Dash! Machine armor Nation Alchemist qualification test [3] The night when a synthetic beast roars The Philosopher's Stone Army's Dog Watch Kaito Silane [4] Land of gravel, first part Ground of gravel, second part Flame vs steel Right hand of destruction [5] Ishvar massacre Lost Things Family waiting house Marco Note [6] Deep inside the truth Guardian's soul Red glow Talk> The Human Being Created [7] Heart of Steel Retention of Memories Farewell Ceremony Her Reason [8] Sensei One is All, All is One Immaculate Child Raid on the Southern Command [9] Sin Deep Forest Dante Story> Captive Al Theory of Greed [10] Reunion of fools My family member Flame alchemist Fighting Lieutenant | Thirteenth The Phantom of the Warehouse On the River [11] Touhou Civil War Scar Our Lady Not Knowing His Name [12] Talk> Stray dog ​​escaped Hohenheim of Light Things that deteriorate the mind Human body training [13] Homunculus seal Goodbye Talk> Beyond the Door Death Munich 1921 [14] Movie version Fullmetal Alchemist Conquer Shambhala [15][16] Movie version Fullmetal Alchemist Conquer Shambhala Special disc [17] Movie version Fullmetal Alchemist Shambhala conqueror (Blu-ray Disc) [18] 2005 Spring/Summer Event Limited Seven Great Homunculus vs National Alchemist Corps/Short Animation: Live-action version/Short animation: Banquet version/Short animation: Children version [19][20]BOX limited bonus disc [21]Theme song compilation CD bonus disc [1] (1) Return Home (2) Equivalent Exchange (3) Melissa (TV size ver.) (4) Title (5) Tenka Kisei (6) Street (7) Memories (8) Aiko Musume (9) Mame Granular Alchemist (10) Yowa (11) Upset (12) Infiltration (13) Peristaltic (14) Prison (15) Invasion (16) Fate (17) Separation (18) Tragedy (19) Atonement (20) Rakuyo (21) ) Philosopher's Stone (22) Ishvar (23) Heaven (24) Scar (25) Dark Cloud (26) Contraindications (27) Amestris (28) Reunion (29) Warmth (30) Steel Heart (31) Sorcery (32) БРАТЬЯ (Brachaya) (33) Inescapable sin (TV size ver.) [2] (1) READY STEADY GO (2) Onai (3) Sin (4) Brawl (5) Homunculus (6) Solitude (7) Idle (8) Remnants (9) Hades (10) Spring Feeling (11) Pulsating (12) Life and Death (13) God Speed ​​(14) Greedy (15) Vitality (16) Routine ( 17) Sadness (18) Excitement (19) Void (20) Tensei (21) Indefinite (22) Kuon (23) Gorgeous (24) Deep Forest (25) Dante (26) Kaimen (27) Revelation (28) Anguished Country (28) 29) Reminiscence (30) Beyond the Door [3] (1) Rewrite (2) Brothers (3) Crossroads (4) Sadness (5) Devotion (6) Nobuki (7) Strategies (8) Regret (9) Advance (10) Kaikai (11) Fierce (12) Hope (13) Motherland (14) Recollection (15) UNDO (16) Butoh (17) Dive (18) Suspicion (19) ) Aggression (20) Domination (21) Sorrow (22) Farewell song (piano solo) (23) Conquest (24) Overrun (25) Fate (26) Farewell song (27) I Will [4] Full Metal Alchemist(3)Weapon of Mass Destruction(4)Castle of Science Goes Kablooey(5)Sibyl(6)Scientist of the Alchemic World(2)Fullmetal Alchemist(3) KELAS(LET'S-DANCE)(7)Creeper in the Shadow of Time(8)Darkness Looms Upon Her(9)Automated Right Arm(10)Burden of Her Past(11)Her Dream(12)Vanishing Existence(13)Thule Society (14) Seeking a New Thr ill(15) Dragon ~ Unlocker of the Gate(16) Road to Shamballa(17) The Alchemic World ~ Two Years over(18) Citizen of the World(19) Stranger from Another World ~ The young Alchemist(20) Beyond the Light ......!(21)Search for the Professor(22)The Incomplete Alchemic Circle(23)Dietlinde Eckart(24)A Temporary Reunion(25)Hermonized Feeling(26)Parallel World ~ Another Self in an Alternative World(27)The Lord of Shamballa Shall Reign Over the World(28)Shadows Surrounding Her(29)Soul Slides Away(30)To the Vanished City(31)Shadows Swallow Her(32)Other Side of the Gate ~ Shamballa(33)Overture of Destiny(34) )Evanescence(35)When the Gate of Destiny is Revealed(36)Beyond the Gate ~ Conqueror of Shamballa(37)Reunion ~ Dear Beloved Place(38)Invasion of the Intruders(39)Guardian of the Motherland(40)Destruction of Shangri -La(41)Guardian of the World(42)Reason of War(43)Sad Resolution ~ Separation(44)Unceasing Lunacy(45)Requiem(46)KELAS(LET'S-DANCE)(instrumental version)[5][6]
[Number of sheets]
21 sheets
[Video comment]
Broadcast in 2003 A culmination BOX of anime that has made a big movement since the beginning of the TV series. "Fullmetal Alchemist" Edward and his brother Alphonse. The two embark on a journey to find the "wise man's stone," which has great power.
[Year of production]
[Country of production]