Inadequacy) Fruit basket limited edition BOX with all 9 volumes set (condition: trading card shortage of volume 2, dirt and burnt in all 9 volumes storage BOX)

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 不備有)フルーツバスケット 限定版 BOX付き全9巻セット(状態:第2巻のトレーディングカード欠品、全9巻収納BOXに焼け有り)
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Item number: 128073162
Released date: 22 May 2002
Maker: King record
Media : DVD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

This item is a set including the limited edition of Volume 1, 6, 8 and 9.

This item is trading card shortage of Volume 2, dirt and burnt in all nine volumes Storage BOX.

This product is sold assuming the above conditions.
We can not accept any questions, returns or complaints, etc.
We ask for your purchase in advance.

【recording time】
77 minutes

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[limited board contents]
Initial shipment limited first time limited production-

mascot figure 6 body / whole volume purchase bonus application ticket / specially made trading card 6 sheets (only for the first time)
※ The title of "First time" For items that are not listed, the first benefit of [Enclosed Benefits] is not covered by warranty. Please note on your purchase beforehand.

【Video bonus content】
TV SPOT collection

Actors list Associate Producer: Moriyama Akira Producer: Kobayashi Noriko Director / Music Director: Ohta Ryotaro Directed ・Storyboard: Suzuki Rurirou Directed by: Tsuji Yoshito / Rokutanda etc. Original: Takaya Natsuki Screenplay ・ Series Composition: Nakase Rika Script: Ikeda Yumiko / Itami Aki Character Design / Animation Director: Akemi Hayashi Drawing Director: Sasaki Toshiko / Sanae Narazaki Photography Director: Masayuki Kawaguchi Storyboard: Hiromi Tamano / Shino Shiraki Art Director: Chikako Shibata Color setting: Shinji Matsumoto Editor: Masahiro Matsumura Assistant director: Nagisa Miyazaki Animation producer: Kaki Noguchi Music director: Yasunori Ebina Music: Seiji Mutoh / Jun Abe voice : Horie Yui / Hisakawa Hisashi / Seki Tomokazu / Ikiso Ryutaro / Imai Yuka / Yasuhara Reiko / Miishi Ayano / Saito Ayaka / Inoue Kazuhiko / Inoue Kazuo / Matsuyama Mitsuo / Mitsuru Miyamoto


[video comment]
TV animation DVD released on Tokyo 12 channels released DVD 9 Bullet. The director of "Ojaru-maru" directed the popular comic's original to the image! The first time with limited figures included