One Piece Log Collection "CAESAR.CROWN"

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Japanese title: アニメDVD ONE PIECE Log Collection “CAESAR.CROWN” [初回版]
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Item number: 128061434
Released date: 23 Sep 2016
Media: DVD
Voice appearance: 岡村明美
Voice appearance: 山口勝平
Voice appearance: 大谷育江
Musics: 田中公平
Original work: 尾田栄一郎

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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One Piece One piece

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One Piece Log Collection series punk hazard knitting entry commemoration campaign application Postcard: "One Piece SCultures modeling king topped off battle 5-log collection original color ver." Present for 200 people by lottery, all other applicants present present (original both sides A4 clear file) application Deadline: October 28, 2016 Fri) Postmark valid (first time only) / One Piece Log Collection punk hazard Hen Original towel handkerchief (first time only)
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[List of Performers]
Product: Toei Animation Original: Oda Eiichiro Music: Tanaka Kohei / Hamaguchi Shiro Cast of voice: Mayumi Tanaka / Akemi Okamura / Kazuya Nakai / Kappei Yamaguchi
[Contents list] <1> Death battle of snowstorm Straw hat vs. Snow Woman Omoi Risa! Zoro strongest streamer! Protect your friends!第 Episode 615: Tea-bear grievous pain! Luffy anger blows〉 Episode 616: The finalization of shock! White hunting vs Vergo! [2] 第 Episode 617: Caesar's defeat! The strongest gray bear! 618 Episode 618〉 A thug from Dress Rosa 第 Episode 619 大 Rampage! Invincible Frankie 〈620 620 絶 絶 絶! パ ン ク ン ク 爆 発 ー 3 大 [[3] 捕獲 Episode 621 ザ ー Caesar Capture Generals 炸 第 Episode 622感動 Emotional reunion! Momo's help and Moemon 第 Episode 623 惜 another time punk hazard leaving! 第 624 Episode 624〉 G 5 destruction! Doflamingo raid! [4] 第 Episode 625 緊 Stress! Ao Kiji vs Dofami Ngo 第 Episode 626: Disappeared Caesar! Pirates alliance assault 〈〉 627〉 Luffy died in the sea!? Pirate alliance collapse 第 628: 逆 転 鉄 炸 拳 フ ィ 鉄 鉄 鉄

< Boy
The boy Luffy with the ability to become like a rubber body by having eaten the "devil's fruit" adventures to the pirate king "One One The TV series of 'Piece' is released for each episode. "CAESAR.CROWN" which depicts the adventure of the newly gathered straw hatred.

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