Senki Zessho Symphogear Limited Edition complete 6 volume set

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Japanese title: 戦姫絶唱シンフォギア 初回限定生産版 全6巻セット
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Item number: 128041763
Released date: 29 Aug 2012
Maker: King record

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【Recording time】
72 minutes

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[Limited Edition]
First-time shipment limited

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Senki Zessho Symphogear

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Special CD / Specially drawn Special BOX / Booklet / Symphogear Live 2012 Premier Advance Lottery Serial Number
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【Video benefits】
Anime Content Expo 2012 Stage Digest / Non-Tellop OP "Synchrogazer" type C / Notice Edition OP "Synchrogazer" # 11 / Notice Edition OP "Synchrogazer" # 12 / Notice Edition OP "Synchrogazer" # 13

Production: Encore Films Production Cooperation: Satellite Director: Ito Tafumi Original ・ Series Composition ・ Screenplay: Kaneko Akira Original ・ Music Producer: Uematsu Noriyasu Character Original design: Dan Yoshii character design / general director directed by: Satoshi Koike general director: Satoru Fujimoto creature design: okama art director: Takashi Nishimura director: Takaharu Ozaki sound director: Satoshi Motoyama Music: Elements Garden (Noriyasu Uematsu, Ryohei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima) Voice appearance: Yu Suzuki / Nana Mizuki / Ayako Takagaki / Yuka Iguchi / Minami Takayama / Hidehiro Ishikawa / Miyuki Sawashiro / Soichiro Hoshi / Kenji Akahane / Asami Seto / Mikako Komatsu / Nao Higashiyama / Chik Akasaki

Shoot the Moon Symphogear Shooting Star, Falling, Burning Out, and- Play Song Character Song "FIRST LOVE "SONG" Tachibana Hibiki (CV: Atsushi Kashiwagi), Wings of Fengaru (CV: Nana Mizuki), Chris Yukine (CV: Ayayo Takagaki)

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The only weapon against the certified singular disaster "noise" that threatens the countries of the world, draw the battle of the girls who wore the system of Symphogear. New sense sound action animation with music as the main theme. Yu Kazuki et al. For voice appearance.

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