SLAM DUNK DVD-BOX ryota miyagi (number 7)

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: アニメDVD SLAM DUNK DVD-BOX 宮城リョータ(背番号「7」)仕様
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Item number: 128009485
Released date: 21 Jul 2003
Maker: Toei
Media: DVD
Original work: 井上雄彦

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

18-disc set (main part * 17 + privilege * 1)

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[Recording time]
2327 minutes

[Screen size]

[Limited edition contents]
First release limited 18-disc set / ryota miyagi "7" specification

[special specification contents]
Picture disc

[group name]

New Print Component Master Specification \ Digipack Specification / Explanation (48P) / Sohoku High School Basketball Club Uniform Replica / Bonus Disc (SD Players File, Pilot Version "SLAM DUNK", TV Advertising TV Collection, " Anime Special Demonstrative Shohoku Basketball Club ") / Picture Label
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[image privilege contents]
pilot film / TV specials

[Cast List]
Original: Takehiko Inoue voice of the Cast: Takeshi Kusao / Akiko Hiramatsu / kiyoyuki yanada / Hikari Midorikawa / Ryotaro Okiayu / Tsubasa Shioya

[table of contents]
New print component master specification \ genius basket Man birthday!? fuck basketball! runway vs Nagarekawa Gorilla vs Hanamichi! Ultimate Showdown! Basket Man Hanamichi! Afternoon Afternoon Nagarekawa vs Akagi Genuine Showdown! > Hanamichi debut! Dunk crack Hanamichi pinch! Judo man's trap I play basket! The common people's shoots are difficult The love of only two people Secret episode !? Defeat Rinnan! Furious special training the night before the final battle Shohoku vs Rinnan Captain! Super high school class! Sunny stage of Hanamichi Kincho! What is the secret !? Taoka's miscalculation Rebound king hanamichi sakuragi's anguish Last 2 minutes! Time Up! Final Battle of the Battle of the Ending Basket Shoes Super Problem Child! Hanamichi vs. Miyagi The worst ever combination ever in history Shohoku Basketball Club Last Day 24: Episode 24: Justice ally, Sakuragi Corps! A man who aims to conquer the nation Hisashi mitsui 15-year-old trouble I want to play basketball! > Inter-high qualifying start Hanamichi! Official war debut Hansei corps counterattack Secret enemy of Miuradai Genius Hanamichi! Deadly dunk Out King!? hanamichi sakuragi kill in Gori Jikiden-eye! Passionate feelings of <35 episodes> men <36 episode> seed schools Sho Hanamichi / First Starmen! Nagarekawa's Counterattack! Lightning Ishiyori Ryota! Rebound King, hanamichi sakuragi Shoyo Ace, Fujima Appearance Shoyo Ace Fujima's ability Mitsui, limit ?! Mitsui! Arashi's 3 (three) points Immediately leaving !? Hanamichi pinch < Episode 46: Hanamichi, Hot Dunk Challenge from Rivals A Man Who Swears Overturning Hainan Takezono, Last Fighting Spirit Challenge to the Champion Out of Calculation! Hanamichi is in great condition! Sakuragi's secret weapon! Gori Injured! Desperate !? King Kong and Brother Game The man who dominates Ace Maki, fully open! Anzai, bet on victory! Subtle guys! Last 10 seconds! Complete settlement No Shohoku Attack! Special training 3DAYS Battle at the summit! Kainan vs. Lingnan Demonstrate! Champion Hainan Strongest confrontation! Sendo vs Maki Sendo Final Battle! Shohoku vs Ryonan Savior !? hanamichi sakuragi Gori Change! Gorilla Dunk II Gori Rebirth! Life's greatest humiliation Betting on Nagarekawa and the second half of the game The most dangerous challenger Fine play Premonition of victory You are strong Resurrection! Junsho Uozumi BW (Blue Wave)! Lingnan counterattack Shohoku anxiety Sendo Fire! Episode 82: De Amateur / Hanamichi Honorary Story Deputy Captain (Captain) Glasses-kun's Tenacity Win / Loss New Challenge! Episode 87> Japan High School Students Basket Country America Demon Approaching! Nagarekawa Shohoku Makoto Ace! The whole country is dangerous! Man friendship !? Sakuragi Legion Challenge to 20,000 Shizuoka's fierce battle! Shohoku vs. Josei Hanamichi's hottest day Basket shoes II Enthusiasm Thought / Uozumi Again! Fierce Battle Begins! Shohoku vs. Shoyo / Ryonan Shohoku Danger! The Strongest Army of Threats Miraculous ManHanamichi sakuragi! Glorious SLAM DUNK \