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Japanese title: アニメDVD 機動戦士ガンダムSEED DESTINY 2
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Item number: 128006389
Released date: 25 Mar 2005
Media: DVD
Storyboard: 西澤晋
Producer: 諸冨洋史
Producer: 佐藤弘幸
Character drawing director: 大貫健一
Original work: 矢立肇
Original work: 富野由悠季
Screenplay: 兵頭一歩
Screenplay: 野村祐一
Character Design: 平井久司
Mechanic design: 大河原邦男
Mechanic design: 山根公利
Design Works: 藤岡建機
Art director: 池田繁美
Musics: 佐橋俊彦
Voice appearance: 保志総一朗
Voice appearance: 田中理恵
Voice appearance: 坂本真綾
Voice appearance: 関俊彦
Voice appearance: 小山茉美
Voice appearance: 子安武人
Voice appearance: 桑島法子
Voice appearance: 諏訪部順一
Voice appearance: 森田成一
Voice appearance: 高橋広樹
Voice appearance: 折笠富美子
Voice appearance: 小田久史
Voice appearance: 杉田智和
Voice appearance: 楠大典
Voice appearance: 堀秀行
Voice appearance: 野島健児

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

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[Recording time]
96 minutes
[Screen size]
[Group name]
Mobile Suit Gundam
[Enclosed bonus content]
Liner Note (8P) / Collection Jacket Vol. 2 (Digital pack specification, illustration : Hisashi Hirai) (First time only)
* If there is no indication of 「's first 」 in the title, the first bonus of the [enclosed bonus content] is not covered by the warranty.
[List of Performers]
エグゼクティヴプロデューサー : Seiji Takeda / Yasuo Miyagawa Producer : Hiroshi Morotomi / Hiroo Maruyama / Hiroshi Sato Director : Mitsuo Fukuda Original : Hajime Yatate / Yoshiyuki Tomino Series Composition : Chiaki Morosawa Character Design : Hisashi Hirai Mechanic Design : Kunio Okawara / Kimitoshi Yamane Chief Mecha animation director : Shigeta Chi Art : / Chief Mecha : Shigeta Chi Art : / Chief Mecha :
[List of Contents]
Incurable scars At the end of the world Confused earth Junction
[Number of Copies]
[Video Comments]
「's Valentine's Day
[Country of Production]
[List of Performers]
This is a very popular animation broadcast from October 2004. 」 Shigemi Ikeda Toshihiko Sahashi Kenichi Suzumura Akira Ishida Naomi Shindo Toshihiko Seki Takehito Koyasu Hideyuki Hori Soichiro Hoshi Rie Tanaka