"Utawarerumono Fake Mask" Game & TV Animation Original Soundtrack

※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.
Japanese title: 「うたわれるもの 偽りの仮面」ゲーム&TVアニメ オリジナルサウンドトラック
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Item number: 120090284
Released date: 30 Mar 2016
Maker: King record
Media : CD

Product description ※Please note that product information is not in full comprehensive meaning because of the machine translation.

[List of songs]
[1] (1) The false mask (2) The land of Tenkei (3) The land of Tenkai, the road of Tenmei (4) The weather (5) The journey is a path (6) Moonlight flowers (7 ) contemplate (8) celestial nap (9) wriggles darkness, misfortune (10) wriggles darkness, curse (11) 哀吟 Sow (12) wind come people (13) sanctuary (14) tradition (15) twilight of God (16) At the end of the day (17) Thetomic-Kamigatari- (18) Leisure (19) Uta Tsugumi (20) Hinata Tsugumi (21) Things that cause a disturbance [2] (1) Heavenly Conquest (2) Unseen Things (2) 3) Bleaching Traveler (4) Arrival of the Great Era (5) Great Disasters (6) Coming Sooners (7) Smoke from the War (8) Scattered Flower (9) Metropolitan Emaki (10) Princesses (11) Battle Kagura-Ikakagra- (12) The battlefield fortress (13) The battle fortress (14) You only travel route · theater (15) Tenkiraku (16) evening (17) Whisper (17) Ulsan blood river [3] (1) darkness咆哮 (2) Reiko (3) Battlefield of ruin (4) Dream of Tombs (5) Masked person-Akulturka-(6) Flower Bird Fugetsu (7) Taihei no (8) Nostalgia, Samurai (9) Nostalgia, Samurai (9) (10) Nostalgia, Ginseng (11) Sumo (12) A Faraway Journey (13) A Friend's Coming (14) A Sun through a Tree (15) A Lost Earth (16) Takeori-Vrai-(17 1) Things going through the martial arts (18) Two-star, two-star, two-star, four-star (4) (1) windy fukana (2) Murakumo (3) day of the ax (4) one-night family (5) travel-wise Six (6) The world is apologetics (7) In the dead area (8) 哀悼 (9) 薫 (10) The land of Tenkei (TV ver.) (11) The twilight of God (TV ver.) (12) The day of the end of the day TV ver.) (13) Nuedori (14) Fate-SADAME-(15) Twins-Futabakashi-(16) Koimu (17) Unstable God (TV ver.) (18) Yumeka Tatsuka (TV ver.) (19) ) Starry Sky (TV ver.) (20) Looking down at the starry sky (TV ver.)

Game Music


Game & TV anime OST of Uta Uru thing Fake Mask. Not only BGM, but also many vocal songs such as animation theme songs that Suara was in charge of. Among other things, Risa Taneda, who was the CV of Kuon, sings "Fate-SADAME-", which has a clear singing voice that brings out the world of a soft song.

【CD new comment】
OST of TV anime & game software 'Uutarumono false mask'. In addition to the BGM used in the play, there are also a large lineup of vocal songs such as TV-sized versions of the theme songs such as "The Unstable God", "Yumekatsutsuka", and "The Sky Star" sung by Suara.